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Some tram systems advertise their depot workings and enable one to ascertain the regular use by passenger-carrying services of junctions or sections of line that do not otherwise see public service. This occasional series lists such services that have come to notice. While the data for each system is current at the date stated, it is not the intention to endeavour to keep every entry up to date at every service change - the listing serves as a guide for travellers as to the sort of services they can look out for, enabling them to check current published timetable material at their time of travel.

To assist in tracing services, the route and/or timetable number for each journey is shown in parentheses, e.g. (1). Days of operation are in English notation (respectively: Su, M, T, W, Th, F, S) - plus "O" for only, "X" for excepted. Su (Sundays) usually includes public holidays in mainland Europe - but check locally.

Listings for other systems throughout the world - in the same format as shown below (please include date of timetable validity) - will always be welcomed.

Each system normally has their own website journey planner, but the Compliers have found from personal experience that using the DB App is the easiest for point to point journey enquiries to confirm rare routes, it is updated in real time for many networks and has even been databased to show trams diverted for just one day.

Augsburg: Stawa

No specific details of obscure workings are known but in the past services only ran on the Messe and Football Stadium branches in connection with events. Please notify the Compilers if any are observed or current details obtained.

Bad Schandau: OVPS

No obscure workings are likely on this small line, but of note is in part southbound trams run on the same side of the road as oncoming road traffic...

Berlin: BVG

PDF timetables by stop at routes can be found here and a map dated 9 September 2023 which is only of regular routes and does not show long term disruptions here.

For such a huge network there are just two connecting lines with no regular passenger service; just to the north of S Hackescher Markt to U Rosa-Luxembourg Straße and north to south just west of the M2 Alexanderplatz terminus. No use by any Depot runs of either were found in an October 2023 Journey Planner search.

Depot workings keep their route numbers throughout and their destinations are displayed on vehicles and on stop displays but are not shown in the PDFs on line or at stops. The entries listed here are from early November 2023 observations and there are likely to be other rare curves in use that that may be found by A - B searches on the VBB journey planner located here

Hauptbahnhof loop

There is a sizeable street circuit commencing at Lesser-Ury-Weg one stop west of the Hauptbahnhof tram stop. This is used anti-clockwise by all M5 & M8 trams shown on maps terminating at Moabit Lüneberger straße and departing from Clara-Jaschke-straße. These are stops on the loop but it is not possible to travel from one to the other as trams layover in loops between them.

Alee der Kosmonauten/Rhinstraße north to west

Depot workings towards Betriebshof Lichtenberg from stop Meeraner Straße listed at 19:16 [but note this did not appear], then frequently from 19:57 to 21:36 SSuX, 19:50, 20:50, 21:10, 23:19 and frequently until end of service SO, 23:50 until end of service SuO

Alee der Kosmonauten/Rhinstraße north to east

Depot workings towards Betriebshof Marzhan. Departures from Meeraner Straße on routes M17 or 27 at 19:37, 20:20, 21:22, 21:42, 22:02, plus after midnight SSuX, 21:30, 21:50 or after midnight SSuO

S Landsberger Alee north to east

Depot working trams towards Betriebshof Lichtenberg. From Landsberger Allee/Petersburger Str. at 20:14, 20:24, 20:34, 21:16, 21:26, 21:36 and frequently from 00:47 until end of service SSuX, 20:25, 20:35, 20:45 and frequently from 00:25 until end of service SO, only from 00:47 at end of SuO service.

Open-top U-Bahn Tours

According to the map on the BVG website as at August 2023 and subject to on the day engineering work closures, these approximately 2 hour tours are booked to travel non-passenger connections between Deutsche Oper and Richard-Wagner Platz, Berliner Straße west to north, Osloer Straße south to west and Hermannplatz north to west and return to Deutsche Oper. Departures in 2023 on some but not all Friday evenings from April to October from Deutsche Oper at 19:00 and 22:30 with tickets from here.

Bielefeld: moBiel

A map including local buses and rail services as at August 2023 is here. Entries shown below are clearly displayed in the accessed here route 1 PDF.

Adenauerplatz west - August-Bebel-Straße east

From 11 September 2023

  • route 2/1 between the Senne line departing Adenauerplatz to Sieker at 07:46, 19:53 SSuX, plus 00:47 SO, 01:01 Daily and 01:16 SX or
  • route 1 departing August-Bebel-Straße for the Senne line at 04:23 SSuX, 06:23, 06:38 SO, 08:23, 08:38 SuO

Landgericht south to east

From 11 September 2023

  • route 1/2 from the Senne line to Sieker Mitte departing Landgericht at 00:48/00:47 daily or
  • route 2 departing Nikolaus-Dürkopp-Straßeker for the Senne line at 04:39, 04:54 SSuX

Bochum: BGS-AG Bogestra

Tram area route map as 9.1.2023 here. Timetables here.

Route 310 recent history

  • A 2.25km single track intermediate section of route 310 between Bochum Unterstrasse and Papenholz lost its regular service on 14 December 2019 as it was to be replaced by a new double track alignment that opened on 1 November 2020. After 14 December 2019 a shuttle remained in operation beyond Papenholz from Witten Crengeldanz to Heven Dorf with one early outbound only positioning journey, the 03:49 SSuX from Bochum Ertzstrasse to Heven Dorf continuing to use the old route as confirmed by a footnote "fährt über Am Honnengraben".

Note when the new route opened that a triangle was built at Langendreer Markt and all three sides have a regular service.

Bonn: SVB

The 10 December 2023 Route map including buses can be found here and timetables here.

Wilhelmsplatz north to east curve

  • route 65 has a sparse mornings and evenings [plus schoolday lunchtimes] service. From 10 December 2023 from

Bertha-von-Suttner-Platz / Beethovenhaus towards Kopenhagener Straße at 04:42, 04:57, 05:12, 05:52 SSuX, 07:47, 12:15, 12:38 Schooldays only, 04:46, 05:11 SSuO, 05:26, 05:55, 09:14 SO, 11:17 SuO

Wilhelmsplatz towards Beuel Bahnhof at 07:22, 08:12, 08:18, 08:22, 08:42, 18:02 Schooldays only, 20:23, 20:53, 23:17 SuX, 00:17, 00:47 Daily

Brandenburg: VBBr

Network map as at 15 July 2023 including buses here. Timetables from 11 December 2022 are here. All tram routes finish around 20:30.

North-east curve south of Hohenstücken Betriebshof

Used by route 1 depot workings - advertised journeys in timetable dated 11 December 2022:

  • From Hohenstücken Betriebshof to Anton-Saefkow Allee (route 1 outbound):
    • Mondays to Fridays at 04:19, 04:50, 05:06, 05:19, 05:45, 06:19
    • Saturdays at 05:40, 06:10, 06:37
    • Sundays and public holidays at 07:44, 08:14, 08:37
  • From Anton-Saefkow Allee to Hohenstücken Betriebshof:
    • Mondays to Fridays at 05:22, 19:33, 20:21, 20:35, 20:55, 21:22
    • Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays at 20:00, 20:30

Hohenstücken Betriebshof (public stop) onto the depot spur (south-east curve)

In the public timetable dated 18 December 2018, the route 1 departure from Anton-Saefkow Allee at 05:29 (listed above) is shown running to "Betriebshof VBBr", arriving just in time to run round the depot loop and form a departure from there at 05.46 (the 05:48 from Hohenstücken Betriebshof listed above). In 2022 its equivalent is not marked differently to end of service Depot journeys so it was assumed that service only conveyed staff.

North-west curve at Fouquéstrasse, stop seemingly now named Technische Hochschule

Used by the Sundays-only route 12 (combining the outer ends of routes 1 and 2) and route 2 depot workings.

January 2020 update: the whole of the branch to Quenzbrücke is temporarily closed due to bridge work at Bahnhof Altstadt and is still SEV in September 2023. Therefore routes 2 and 12 are suspended, and this curve sees no service. The advertised journeys in the timetable dated 12 December 2004 were:

  • From Hohenstücken Betriebshof to Quenzbrücke (route 2 outbound):
    • Mondays to Fridays at 04:44, 05:38, 05:51
    • Saturdays at 06:17, 07:28
    • Sundays and public holidays at 08:17, 09:21
  • From Quenzbrücke to Hohenstücken Betriebshof (route 2 inbound):
    • Mondays to Fridays at 17:52, 20:04
    • Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays at 20.04, 20:24

Braunschweig: BVAG

Note this network has different timetables on schooldays. The PDFs can only be seen by downloading route by route in "Find a timetable" on the right hand side of the page Fahrplanbuchseite here, the route map on their website as at January 2024 includes buses.

The on-line PDFs only show Depot journeys up until they leave or join their normal route so it is unusual to find rare curve use shown but it can happen. Those below are mainly by observation or found by Journey Planner enquiries. Note the PDFs show a few journeys starting on one route and changing to another part way, but none of these would do any unusual curves.

Of the routes that run via the Hauptbahnhof, some tables have two timing entries with those terminating there listed against the second, i.e. different from passing through journeys. But looking at the track plan the drop off stop is before the loop and trams layover on the loop so it is not done in service.

Bürgerpark via Leisewitzstraße to John-F.-Kennedy-Platz

  • Route 2: This 850m section is currently not served after approximately 19.45 SSuX nor at weekends as the route diverts via the Hauptbahnhof. But from a timetable revision on 18 March 2024, all route 2's are diverted via the Hbf leaving just two route 2E pairs running via Leisewitzstraße departing Bürgerpark at 07:25 and 13:08 or John-F.-Kennedy-Platz at 07:26 and 13:40 SSuX BVAG notice here.

Route 4

Route 4 is replaced by buses in the evenings after 20:30 and on Sundays.

Connecting line from Friedrich-Wilhelm-Platz west to east - options at John-F.-Kennedy-Platz

This line splits to run via different streets if running east or westbound, and has different connections at the John-F.-Kennedy-Platz end.

A future timetable dated 18 March 2024 shows the following journeys bifurcating to use this line eastbound

  • route 5 from Europaplatz at 07:08, 07:23 schooldays only as they are shown calling at John-F.-Kennedy-Platz north stop at 07:12 and 07:27. There are no westbound journeys

St Leonhard east to south and Hauptbahnhof east to north

Whilst travelling on Monday 12 September 2022 a tram was seen taking the St Leonhard east to south curve, displaying just John F Kennedy Platz as a destination but no route. It is NOT in any PDF, but a journey planner search finds it as a Route E Zusatzfahrt [additional trip], departing St Leonhard at 12:57 and Willy-Brandt-Platz at 12:58. A tram currently appears in the route 5 timetable at John F Kennedy Platz at 13:02 which may be this vehicle. Others boosting the service on school days appearing in PDFs mid route around this time, for example route 3's to Weserstraße were also seen coming into service passing through St Leonhard.

Sachsendamm east to west

As per the PDF, route 1 is diverted via the route 2 branch to Anklamstraße (Heidbergpark) and this curve to/from Salzdahlumer Weg for :-

From Hauptbahnhof to Salzdahlumer Weg at 23:07, 23:37, 00:07 Daily, 01:17, 02:27, 03:37 Sat/Sun morning or 05:07, 06:07, 07:07, 08:07, 08:37, 09:07 SuO
From Salzdahlumer Weg to Hauptbahnhof at 22:29, 22:59, 23:29 Daily, 00:39, 01:49, 02:59 Sat/Sun mornings and 04:29 and hourly to 08:29 SuO

The loop at Anklamstraße (Heidbergpark) is not rare as it has a single arrival/departure stop.

Schloss west to south

  • route 5 was diverted via this curve to run direct to/from the Hauptbahnhof according to their timetable PDF for an unknown period from 6 January 2024. This had ceased by 12 February 2024.

Bremen: BSAG

Undated BSAG route map [that includes bus routes] as at January 2024 here with link to timetables here. On the far right of the list of tram route timetables, under the heading "Linienverlauf", are links to PDFs which show the individual routes and stops on a geographical map, with many street names also indicated via a numbered key.

Some routes have a number of peak-hour workings which omit certain stops; these workings are indicated using an S suffix ("schnell") to the route number, and are shown in timetable PDFs.

Most short and off-route workings are not indicated in the timetable PDFs, nor are they shown in the printed timetable information at stops. They can, however, be deduced by careful searching of the journey planner. There are workings from depots at the start of service, to depots after the morning peak, mid-evening on Mondays to Saturdays (when the service frequency halves on most routes), and at the end of service. Workings which terminate short or go off-route (including to depots) usually display an E suffix to the route number, with the route number being that of the route to the final destination. For example, a depot-bound working from Borgfeld on route 4 to Betriebshof Neue Vahr (situated on route 1) will run as route 1E, and this route number is displayed on the stop electronic display as well as on the tram itself. However, some individual services change their route number one or more times during the course of the journey (examples are listed below).

The journey planner ("Fahrplanauskunft", or "Schedule information" on the English pages) can be accessed from the BSAG homepage and many other pages on the website. To search for a journey over a particular stretch of track, first select the stops at the start and end of the journey; to select a stop, begin typing its name, and then choose the correct location from the options given - note you must select locations starting "Bremen" (except for those on route 4 beyond Borgfeld, which are outside the city boundary) and followed by a red, circular tram pictogram (in most cases route numbers are also stated in red rectangles). Then click on the "cogwheel" icon, which allows you to do the following to obtain only direct tram services between those stops:

  • Click on "Services" and switch off everything except "Trams / light rail" (the most important thing to switch off is "Buses");
  • Switch off "Include surrounding stations";
  • Switch on "Direct trips only";
  • On the "Walk" drop-down menu, on the "Walking distance to stop" option, select "without".

Then click on "Trip Planner" followed by "Search"; the next three services will be shown, but you can also show earlier or later ones (increasing the length of the list) or change the date and time for your search (remember to click "Apply" after changing the time or date). The journey planner shows the route displayed by the service (for example, 1E). Clicking on the service brings up more details (route number, destination displayed, stop used at origin and destination if more than one possibility), and also shows the route taken on a geographical map. Clicking on the red rectangle "Tram x" then shows the full schedule of the service, with booked arrival and departure times at all stops, the stop used at certain locations, and details of any route number changes during the journey. The times listed below were found in mid-September 2022, with some confirmed by sight during a visit a week or so earlier.

It appears that the DB journey planner works in the same way as the BSAG one - set the filters to "without stopovers", mode of transport as "trams" only, and change "admit changes" to "direct connections". Note that finding the exact stop is more difficult on the DB site.

The listings below include several entries for Historic Tram routes 15 and 16 which run on the second and fourth Sunday from April to September, but they have NOT been updated to reflect the 2023 routing. Details of these can be found here. In 2023 they run as follows:

  • Route 15 departs Hauptbahnhof (stop F, in front of the Übersee-Museum) on 2nd Sunday at 10:30, 14:30
  • Route 16 departs Hauptbahnhof (stop F, in front of the Übersee-Museum) on 4th Sunday [no timings given...] previously every 30 minutes from 10:30 to 16:00. Note two routes are quoted in the 2023 details.

West curve at the junction of Friedrich-Ebert-Straße and Osterstraße

Direct trams between Theater am Leibnitzplatz (routes 4 & 6) and Am Neuen Markt (route 8)

  • Route 3 trams entering service from Betriebshof Neustadt to Gröpelingen [Note: also do the east curve at Westerstraße and the west curve at Am Brill afterwards (see below)] - from BSAG-Zentrum (stop on depot spur) at:
    • Mondays to Fridays: 03:32, 03:55, 04:03, 04:08, 04:15, 04:31, 04:35, 04:40, 05:28, 05:37, 05:39, 05:48, 05:53, 05:57, 06:07, 06:15
    • Saturdays: 03:32, 03:51, 03:55, 04:03, 04:08, 04:15, 04:31, 04:35, 08:30, 08:37, 08:50, 08:58, 09:00, 09:10, 09:19, 09:24
    • Sundays and public holidays: 03:32, 05:41, 06:00, 06:08, 06:29, 08:45, 09:36
  • Route 1 trams entering service from Betriebshof Neustadt [Note: also do the east curve at Westerstraße afterwards (see below)] - from BSAG-Zentrum (stop on depot spur) at:
    • Mondays to Fridays: 06:00 to Tenever
    • Sundays and public holidays: 09:04 to Bf Mahndorf
  • Route 2E from Betriebshof Neustadt to Waller Friedhof [Note: also do the east curve at Westerstraße and the west curve at Am Brill afterwards (see below)] - from BSAG-Zentrum (stop on depot spur) at:
    • Mondays to Fridays (but might not run during school holidays): 12:33, 12:43 [Note: they return as route 10E destination Ostertor über Hauptbahnhof, then becoming a 6E back to Betriebshof Neustadt and running via the north-west curve at Sielwall (see below)]
  • Trams going out of service as route 6E from Gröpelingen to Betriebshof Neustadt (tram destination: Neustadt) [Note: also do the west curve at Am Brill and the east curve at Westerstraße before (see below)] - from Gröpelingen at (dep. Am Neuen Markt 19-21 minutes later):
    • Mondays to Fridays: 00:07 (MO), 00:26 (MO), 00:27 (MX), 00:27 (MSSuX), 00:28 (MO), 00:57, 04:11, 20:30, 23:15
    • Saturdays: 00:27, 00:57, 01:26, 03:56, 19:19, 19:30, 19:50, 23:15
    • Sundays and public holidays: 00:07, 00:27, 00:57, 01:26, 03:56, 23:39, 23:47
  • From Hauptbahnhof direction (and further out) via Am Brill - starts as 1S, changes to 1E at Kirchbachstraße, E at Hauptbahnhof and finally 6E at Am Brill [Note: also does the east curve at Westerstraße before (see below)]:
    • Mondays to Fridays: from Tenever-Zentrum at 06:55 (Hauptbahnhof dep. 07.26, Am Neuen Markt dep. 07.32)
  • Seasonal Sunday historic tram route 15

East curve at Westerstraße

Direct trams between Am Brill (route 1) and Am Neuen Markt (route 8)

  • In the evenings, route 8 only runs north of the city centre, to Kulenkampffallee. To turn trams, they make an anti-clockwise circuit from Hauptbahnhod via Am Wall, Westernstraße and Domsheide back to Hauptbahnhof, as indicated in a footnote in the timetable PDF. They change their route to E (without a number) prior to arriving at arriving at Hauptbahnof, and then back to 8 after reaching Westerstraße. Depart Hauptbahnhof at 19:34 (SO), 19:54 (SO), 20:33, then every 20 minutes to 23:13
  • All the workings listed as traversing the west curve at the junction of Friedrich-Ebert-Straße and Osterstraße (see above) also traverse this curve
  • Seasonal Sunday historic tram routes 15 and 16 (Neustadtring)

West curve at Am Brill

Direct trams between Westerstraße (route 1) and Radio Bremen (routes 2 & 3)

  • All the workings listed as traversing the west curve at the junction of Friedrich-Ebert-Straße and Osterstraße (see above) also traverse this curve
  • Seasonal Sunday historic tram route 16 (Neustadt ring)

South curve at Am Brill

Direct trams between Westerstraße (route 1) and Obernstraße (routes 2 & 3) [journeys between Am Brill stops A/B and E/F are sufficient to do the curve: trams call twice, once before the curve and once after]

  • In use by diverted r 1 between 6 July and 6 August 2023 [inclusive]
  • On Mondays to Fridays during the morning peak, route 8 runs every 10 minutes between Huchting (Roland-Center) and the city centre, with alternate trams (running as route 8E, destination: Am Brill - Domsheide) going off-route after Hochschule Bremen to run via Am Brill (using the south curve), Obernstraße, and the west curve at Domsheide; from here they continue as route 8 via the normal route back out to Huchting, or (at the end of the peak) as route 6E to Betriebshof Neustadt (BSAG-Zentrum). Departures from Roland-Center (Huchting) are at 06.13 and every 20 minutes until 08.33 (Am Brill stop A dep. 12 minutes later) [Note: also does the west curve at Domsheide afterwards]

West curve at Domsheide

According to Gleisplanweb trackplan dated July 2022, this is only available in the direction north-west to south-west Direct trams between Obernstraße (routes 2 & 3) and Wilhelm-Kaisen-Brücke (routes 4, 6 & 8) [journeys between Obernstraße and Domsheide stops B/C are sufficient to do the curve]

  • On Mondays to Fridays during the morning peak, route 8 runs every 10 minutes between Huchting (Roland-Center) and the city centre, with alternate trams (running as route 8E, destination: Am Brill - Domsheide) going off-route after Hochschule Bremen to run via Am Brill (using the south curve), Obernstraße, and the west curve at Domsheide; from here they continue as route 8 via the normal route back out to Huchting, or (at the end of the peak) as route 6E to Betriebshof Neustadt (BSAG-Zentrum). From Roland-Center (Huchting) at 06.13 and every 20 minutes until 08.33 (Obernstraße dep. 14 minutes later) [Note: also does the south curve at Am Brill before]
  • Seasonal Sunday historic tram route 15

East curve at Domsheide

Direct trams between Schüsselkorb (routes 4, 6 & 8) and Theater am Goetheplatz (routes 2 & 3) [journeys between Schüsselkorb and Domsheide stops K/L are sufficient to do the curve]

  • Mondays to Fridays: Schüsselkorb dep. 06:48 route 4E to Tenever (this working starts as route 1S from Tenever-Zentrum at 06.15, changing to route 1E at Kirchbachstraße and then back to 4E at Rembertistraße, calls at Hauptbahnhof at 06:45, then changes back to route 1E at Domsheide) [Note: also does the north-west curve at Sielwall and the east curve at Am Dobben afterwards]
  • Seasonal Sunday historic tram route 15
  • First Sunday in month route 9 from Bremen Hbf to/from the Tram Museum Depot at Sebaldsbrücke. Journeys from 11:03 from Hbf in early July 2023

North-west curve at Sielwall (junction of Ostertorsteinweg and Am Dobben)

Direct trams between Humboldtstraße (route 10) and Ulrichsplatz (formerly Wulwesstraße; routes 2 & 3)

  • Mondays to Fridays: Humboldstraße dep. 13:21 and 13:31 route 6E to Betriebshof Neustadt (destination: Neustadt) [these workings start as route 10E from Waller Friedhof (the stop on the balloon loop) at 13:02 and 13:12, with an initial destination of "Ostertor über Hauptbahnhof", but seem to be to provide extra capacity for school children so might not run during school holidays]
  • Mondays to Fridays: Ulrichsplatz dep. 06:52 route 1E to Tenever (this working starts as route 1S from Tenever-Zentrum at 06.15, changing to route 1E at Kirchbachstraße and then back to 4E at Rembertistraße, calls at Hauptbahnhof at 06:45, then changes back to route 1E at Domsheide) [Note: also does the east curve at Domsheide before and the east curve at Am Dobben afterwards]
  • Sundays and public holidays: Ulrichsplatz dep. 04:18 and 05:18 (route 6, 04:11 from Betriebshof Neustadt and 05:07 from Flughafen-Süd; these are shown in the route 6 timetable PDF as "bis Domsheide, über Ostertor, Am Dobben zum Hauptbahnhof")

East curve at Am Dobben

Direct trams between Humboldtstraße (route 10) and Parkstraße (routes 1 & 4). A visitor in July 2023 claims a journey planner search found only :-

  • Mondays to Fridays: Humboldtstraße dep. 20:23, 20:36, 23:57, Sat night/Sun morning 00:25 route 1E to Tenever Neue Vahr Depot with none found in the opposite direction.

East curve at Kleinkirchbacher

Direct trams between Friedhofstraße (route 4) and Kurfürstenallee (route 1)

  • Route 4 (and N4) trams entering service from Betriebshof Neue Vahr to Lilienthal (or Borgfeld) - from Kurt-Huber-Straße at:
    • Mondays to Fridays: 03:22, 03:25 (N4 to Borgfeld), 03:42, 04:02, 04:22, 05:21 (to Borgfeld), 05:34 (to Borgfeld), 05:51 (to Borgfeld), 06:03, 06:06, 13:28, 14:13
    • Saturdays: 00:54 (N4), 03:02 (N4), 03:42, 04:02, 04:22, 08:35 (to Borgfeld), 08:55 (to Borgfeld), 09:17 (to Borgfeld), 09:37 (to Borgfeld)
    • Sundays and public holidays: 03:02 (N4), 04:02 (N4), 06:18, 08:29, 09:29
  • Trams going out of service as route 1E to Betriebshof Neue Vahr (destination: Neue Vahr-Süd) from Borgfeld and Lilienthal (marked (L), departing 12-13 minutes earlier) - from Borgfeld at:
    • Mondays to Fridays: 00:07, 00:27 (L), 00:55 (L), 01:25 (L), 08:52, 09:27 (L), 18:27 (L), 18:37, 19:27 (L), 20:14, 20:34, 20:54, 23:11 (L)
    • Saturdays: 00:07, 02:04 (L), 03:27 (L), 04:27 (L), 19:12, 19:32
    • Sundays and public holidays: 00:42 (L), 03:27 (L), 04:27 (L), 23:42 (L)

South curve at Theater am Leibnizplatz

Direct trams between Rotes-Kreuz-Krankenhaus (route 4) and Gastfeldstraße (route 6) [journeys between Rotes-Kreuz-Krankenhaus and Theater am Leibnitzplatz stops E/F are sufficient to do the curve]

  • Route 4 (and N4) trams entering service from Betriebshof Neustadt to Arsten - from BSAG-Zentrum (depot spur) at:
    • Mondays to Fridays: 03:36 (N4), 03:58, 04:18, 05:41, 05:48, 06:03, 06:11, 06:26, 06:32, 06:47, 07:02, 14:29, 14:49
    • Saturdays: 00:35 (N4), 03:36 (N4), 03:59, 04:19, 04:59, 09:08, 09:28
    • Sundays and public holidays: 03:36 (N4), 07:22
  • Trams going out of service as route 6E from Arsten to Betriebshof Neustadt (destination: Neustadt) - from Arsten at (Rotes-Kreuz-Krankenhaus dep. 14 minutes later):
    • Mondays to Fridays: 00:27 (MO), 00:57, 08:48, 18:56, 18:58, 20:11, 20:30, 20:50
    • Saturdays: 00:58, 03:58, 19:15
    • Sundays and piblic holidays: 01:28, 03:58, 23:37

Connecting line along Georg-Bitter-Straße

Route 2's are diverted to run to/from Weservehr via the west to south curve at Bennigsenstraße, the connecting line and the north to east curve at the south end of Georg-Bitter-Straße from 11 April 2023 until 2 April 2024, Mon. - Fri. from approx. 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sat. from approx. 9 a.m. to 7 p.m, as at other times it runs its normal route to Sebaldsbrück. This is due to a singling of the track for construction of a railway underpass at Sebaldsbrücker Heerstrasse.

Additionally Depot workings between Betriebshof Sebaldsbrück and Weserwehr (route 3) use the south to east curve at Bennigsenstraße, the connecting line and the north to east curve at the south end of Georg-Bitter-Straße:

  • Route 3 from Sebaldsbrück at 04:15 (SuX), 04:35 (SuX), 06:15 (SSuX), 06:19 (SuO), 09:06 (SO), 09:35 (SuO)
  • Route 2E from Weserwehr at 00:20, 00:50, 19:26 (SO), 20:26 (SSuX), 20:59 (SSuX)

Nothing is known to be scheduled to use the north to west curve at the south end.

Hansator - Lloydstraße connecting line (with a triangle at each end)

Direct trams between Lloydstraße (route 2) or Haferkamp (routes 2 & 10) and Hansator (routes 3 & 5) or Konsul-Smidt-Straße (routes 3 & 5)

Previously used by route 3S (limited stop) from Gröpelingen to Domsheide, every 20 minutes from 06:32 until 09:12 on Mondays to Fridays, but this seems to have been discontinued: no reference to it can be found in the timetable PDFs and no journeys over this route have (yet) been found in the journey planner.

However, the Gleisplanweb map (updated in July 2022, but with timetable information dating from November 2020) shows route 5 (from Bürgerpark) taking an anticlockwise circuit from Daniel-von-Büren-Straße via Doventor, Lloydstraße, Hansator, Europahafen and back to Daniel-von-Büren-Straße; a network map on display in mid-September 2022 (now assumed to be out of date) also showed this, but the timetable PDF disagreed with that routing - so it's possible this route is used from time to time during engineering work (and it might just have been during the remodelling at Gröpelingen).

  • Seasonal Sunday historic tram routes 15 and 16 (Altstadring)

West curve at Hauptbahnhof

Direct trams between Falkenstraße (routes 5 & 10) or Am Wall (route 1) and Herdentor (routes 4, 6 & 8)

  • Seasonal Sunday historic tram routes 15 and 16

South curve at Haferkamp

Direct trams between Lloydstraße (route 2) and Doventersteinweg (route 10)

  • Seasonal Sunday historic tram routes 15 and 16 (Altstadt ring)

West curve at Doventorsteinweg

Direct trams between Radio Bremen (routes 2 & 3) and Doventorsteinweg (route 10)

  • Diverted route 10 between 6 July and 6 August 2023 [inclusive].
  • Seasonal Sunday historic tram route 16 (Neustadt ring)

Balloon loop at Kulenkampffallee

Located on route 8. The terminal stop as announced on the trams is at the start of the loop but it was noted that many regular passengers made no attempt to alight and the tram proceeded round the loop with them on board to the departure stop which is closer to bus stops and housing. So all of the loop can be travelled in service.

Balloon loop at Waller Friedhof

Located on routes 2 & 10

Services starting at Waller Friedhof (heading towards the city centre) do so at a stop on the balloon loop - although it is very close to the point it rejoins the main route.

  • Mondays to Fridays:
    • 08:06, 08:19, 08:29 to Betriebshof Neue Vahr (route 10E, destination: Hauptbahnhof, but then change to route 1E, destination: Neue Vahr-Süd)
    • 13:02, 13:12 to Betriebshof Neustadt (route 10E, destination: Ostertor über Hauptbahnhof, but then change to route 6E, destination: Neustadt)

Trams terminating at Waller Friedhof set down passengers at the normal stop, and run empty onto the balloon loop

Betriebshof Neustadt (depot spur at BSAG-Zentrum)

This depot is located on route 6

The normal BSAG-Zentrum stop is located on the country side of the spur into the depot, so depot workings to or from the city centre pick up or set down passengers at stops on the depot spur, and travel over the east curve. There are many departures bound for a variety of routes at the start of service, and some of these workings are listed in the timetable PDFs (especially route 6), with an appropriate footnote. There are other departures during the day, some of which can be found in entries listed above.

Frequent workings to the depot (as route 6E, destination: Neustadt) run after the morning peak on Mondays to Fridays, at the point of service frequency reductions during the evening, and at the end of service, from many different points on the network. Some (but by no means all) are listed in the timetable PDFs, with an appropriate footnote.

As far as is known, depot workings to or from the southern end of route 6 (Flughafen) use the normal BSAG-Zentrum stop and do not carry passengers over any part of the depot spur (so nothing is thought to use the west curve).

Betriebshof Neue Vahr (depot spur at Kurt-Huber-Straße)

This depot is located on route 1

The normal Kurt-Huber-Straße stop is located on the city side of the spur into the depot, so depot workings to or from the eastern end of route 1 (Bf Mahndorf or Tenever) pick up or set down passengers on the depot spur, and travel over the east curve (note that the depot gates are very close the point where the two curves meet, and at least arriving trams stop pretty much on the curve itself). These workings can be found using the journey planner by looking for services between Kurt-Huber-Straße and Tenever-Zentrum (in either direction) which are not shown in the route 1 PDF; when looking at the detail of the actual service, they also show use of the Depot stop at Kurt-Huber-Straße.

  • Trams entering service from Betriebshof Neue Vahr to Bf Mahndorf (routes 1 and 1N) or Tenever (route 1E) - from Kurt-Huber-Straße (stop on depot spur) at (all route 1 unless stated):
    • Mondays to Fridays: 03:21 (1N), 03:53, 04:13, 04:33, 04:53, 05:15, 05:31, 05:50, 05:57 (1E), 06:10, 06:28, 06:56 (1E), 07:06 (1E)
    • Saturdays: 03:19 (N1), 03:53, 04:13, 04:33, 04:53, 08:32, 08:52, 09:12, 09:32, 09:52
    • Sundays and public holidays: 03:19 (N1), 04:19, 06:26, 08:38
  • Trams going out of service as route 1E from Bf Mahndorf to Betriebshof Neue Vahr (destination: Neue Vahr-Süd) - from Bf Mahndorf at [Erkelenzer Straße dep. 17 minutes later]:
    • Mondays to Fridays: 00:05, 00:47 (MX), 01:13, 04:28, 19:54, 20:07, 20:54, 21:07, 23:47
    • Saturdays: 00:47, 01:47, 03:16, 04:16, 19:07, 19:27, 19:47, 20:07, 23:47
    • Sundays and public holidays: 00:47, 01:47, 03:16, 04:16, 23:47

Depot workings to or from the west (city centre direction) use the normal Kurt-Huber-Straße stop and do not carry passengers over any part of the depot spur (so nothing is thought to use the west curve).

Bürgerpark branch

Since the introduction of route 5 in March 2019, this route has a regular service during at least part of the the day on Mondays to Fridays. Trams depart Hauptbahnhof between 05:45 and 19:56 (SSuX) or between 09:36 and 19:40 (SO), as shown in the route 5 PDF.

In addition, the last route 6 depature from Flughafen every day (at 23:43 from Flughafen Süd) only runs as far as Hauptbahnhof (00:00), but then runs in passenger service to Bürgerpark to turn round and head for Betriebshof Neustadt, as shown in the route 6 PDF.

Connecting line along Daniel-von-Büren-Straße

Direct trams between Daniel-von-Büren-Straße (routes 5 & 10) and Doventor (route 2), Eduard-Schopf-Allee (routes 3 & 5) or Radio Bremen (routes 2 & 3)

Since the introduction of route 5 in March 2019, this route has a regular service during at least part of the day Mondays to Fridays. Trams depart Hauptbahnhof for Gröpelingen between 06:02 and 20:08 (SSuX) or between 09:48 and 19:51 (SO); they depart Gröpelingen for central Bremen between 05:27 and 20:38 (SSuX) or 09:18 and 20:18 (SO). [Note: all route 5 trams also do the north curve at junction of Auf der Muggenburg and Doventorsteinweg (see below)]

North curve at junction of Auf der Muggenburg and Doventorsteinweg

Direct trams between Eduard-Schopf-Allee (routes 3 & 5) and Daniel-von-Büren-Straße (routes 5 & 10), Doventor (route 2) or Doventorsteinweg (route 10)

Since the introduction of route 5 in March 2019, this route has a regular service during at least part of the day Mondays to Fridays. Trams depart Hauptbahnhof for Gröpelingen between 06:02 and 20:08 (SSuX) or between 09:48 and 19:51 (SO); they depart Gröpelingen for central Bremen between 05:27 and 20:38 (SSuX) or 09:18 and 20:18 (SO). [Note: all route 5 trams also do the cconnecting line along Daniel-von-Büren-Straße (see above)]

Freight use

The section of line 3 between Radio Bremen and Europahafen is used by DB Cargo trains to access Bremen harbour. These are diesel powered (normally class 295)

Chemnitz: CVAG

Route map including buses as at 30 January 2022 here. Timetables of ONLY tram i.e. not tram/train routes are here.

Brückenstr./Freie Presse south to Bahnhofstr. north

Depot journeys to/from Gablenz were noted in June 2023

Cottbus: Cottbusverkehr

Advertised curves during a Summer/Autumn 2022 Engineering work closure and timetables dated 18 July 2022 unless otherwise stated.

Schillerstraße - west to south curve - August-Bebel-Straße

In regular use by diverted route 3 from 11 July - 29 November 2022. No scheduled use as at October 2023.

Bonnaskenplatz - Schmellwitz Anger

  • This section has trams (route 1) only SSuX between ca.05:00 and ca.18:00 (buses other days and times) but all services have been replaced by buses for periods, not necessarily linked to engineering work as this section has been periodically threatened with closure.

West to north curve at Stadthalle

In regular use by diverted route 4 from 11 July - 29 November 2022, now reverted to Depot run use only.

In the last previous EGTRE update based on the 31 August 2015 timetables only used by

  • From Ströbitz to Neu Schmellwitz (route 3): 20:40 Daily & 20:44 SSuX
  • From Jessener Str. to Neu Schmellwitz (route 5): 20:36 SSuO
  • From observations trams from the Depot run in public service and call at both Stadthalle N and W so additional journeys may use this curve from Stadthalle N at approximately 04:35, & 05:50 SSuX

East to north curve at Stadthalle

  • From Stadthalle (Bahnsteig C) to Sandow (route 2): 04:23, 04:40 SSuX, 04:56, 05:26 SSuO
  • From Sandow to Neu Schmellwitz (route 2): 21:07 SSuX, 20:59 SSuO

Neu Schmellwitz to Betriebshof Schmellwitz

  • Route 4 normally terminates at a loop just north of Neu Schmellwitz, but the networks' only Depot is 1km further. A stop Betriebshof Schmellwitz is just before a level crossing prior to the Depot entrance and has been shown in timetable PDFs with a limited service, more frequent at start and end of peak periods. Details were shown on a panel posted at a stop dated 25 October 2021, then there were none in the PDF dated 18 July 2022 but a traveller still reports a successful journey on Friday 19 August 2022 on a 20:13 journey from the Hbf shown as going to Betriebshof Schmellwitz on the platform describers. Note by then there are no trams back to Cottbus city centre, nor nearby bus stops so you have to walk to Neu Schmellwitz for a 4N bus.

Lutherstrasse connecting line

No use in timetables dated 18 July 2022. In the 31 August 2015 timetables only used by

  • Route 2 SSuX between 18:25 and 20:25
  • All Route 5 SSuO from 12:15 to 20:20

Cottbus Hauptbahnhof

The north to east and north to south curves were eliminated on construction of the new Hbf interchange tracks that opened on 22 October 2019.

The south to east curve still exists but no longer has a regular service as tram route 4 that previously used this curve now uses the previously rare south to west curve to run via the new interchange.

West to South at Görlitzer Str

In regular use by diverted route 3 from 11 July - 29 November 2022. No scheduled use as at October 2023.

In the 31 August 2015 timetables only used by

  • Route 2 from Sachsendorf depart 17:57 SSuX to Sandow
  • All Route 2 SSuX between 18:20 and 20:20
  • All Route 5 SSuO from 12:15 to 20:30 but this route no longer runs by Summer 2022.

Darmstadt: HEAG

As per a visit in July 2022 and later databasing. Routemap and timetables both as at 11 December 2022.

Jahnstraße - TU-Lichtwiese/Campus

This short 2 stop branch used by route 2 does not run at weekends, nor in Summer or Xmas/New Year Term holidays [i.e. no service 24.12.22 - 8.1.23 or 22.07 - 03.09.23], nor after 20.45 Monday to Friday.

Jahnstraße south to east

Strangely only morning trams on route 2 from TU-Lichtwiese/Campus to nearby Böllenfalltor Depot via this curve are listed in the on-line timetable. Departures as at 11 December 2022 from TU-Lichtwiese/Campus at 07:53, 08:53, 09:23 & 09:53 SSuX non schooldays excepted

Rhein/Neckarstraße west to south

Used only by route 1 that does not run between 08:51 - 13:35 SSuX, or not at all at weekends.

TZ Rhein Main - Hauptbahnhof

Limited route 10 journeys from 06.00 to 09.00 & 13.00 to 19.00 SSuX [non schooldays excepted] are the only ones scheduled via the west to north curve avoiding stop Berliner Allee and a traveller reported that as the timetable shows both Hauptbahnhof south drop off and Hauptbahnhof Nord pick up stop in the same direction on the PDF there were no issues in staying on to travel the sizeable street loop. Note r 2 also terminates here but may continue as route 3's and vice versa rather than use the street loop.

Kongresszentrum darmstadium street loop

Due to a long term closure of the two routes north from Willy-Brandt-Platz the current [as at July 2023] all day use may not be the norm. It does appear to be used and accessed from the west before 05.30 and after 21.00 Monday to Friday and all day at weekends by route 2, check the PDF for details.

Dessau: DVG

No Obscure workings are known. Please notify the Compilers if any are observed.

Dortmund: DSW21

Tram map as at January 2023 here and timetables as a complete PDF or by route here.

Westfalenstadion branch: Signal-Iduna-Park

Events at the above are the only time services use this short branch with triangular junction access from both Westfalenhalen and Remydamm directions. For a BVB Dortmund evening football match on Saturday 26th August 2017, the DSW21 journey planner showed a 10 minute interval route U46E service as extensions beyond the normal route 46 terminus of Westfalenhalen via Signal-Iduna-Park [including in service via the sizeable loop there] to continue via Remydamm to Hauptbahnhof to terminate and vice versa. Note this U46E continued to run whilst the match was in progress in addition to numerous additional journeys before and after the game.

Dresden: DVB

From the timetable dated 19 September 2016 except two long term 2023 diversions. This list is not comprehensive as numerous other curves may be used by Depot workings as timings are not shown on their off route sections. Note some entries are from PDF searches for route termini departures plus tram stop panels on visits in October 2016 and April 2017. Timetable information as opposed to a journey planner is hard to locate on their website so is linked here and a route map which unfortunately also includes buses is here.

Anton-/Leipziger Straße - Bahnhof Neustadt street loop

Due to a closure from Bautzner Straße/Rothenburger Straße to Bühlau from 2 May 2023 until June 2025, from 24 August 2023 route 11 is truncated to terminate via this street loop. Approach is from the west to north curve at Anton-/Leipziger Straße, then the south to east onto the loop to a stop for the Bühlau replacement bus interchange, but it is possible to remain on board to the next stop nearer Dresden Neustadt station where it lays over before returning south via the south to east and west to south curves. Whether this is the plan until June 2025 is not known. See the BVB timetable changes section.

Comeniusplatz west to north towards Fetscherplatz

This 600m section normally has no scheduled use but from 22 June to a date in December 2023 :-

  • route 10 use this as part of an anti-clockwise circle to terminate on the south to west curve at Fetscherplatz, departing west via the rest of the curve and
  • route 6 but ONLY towards Niedersedlitz [towards Wölfnitz is not diverted] due to no north to east curve at Fetscherplatz travels Fetscherplatz north to south and then a clockwise circuit via Comeniusplatz plus the next entry before returning to travel Fetscherplatz west to east.

East to north to the east of Straßburger Platz

  • route 6 but ONLY towards Niedersedlitz from 22 June to December 2023

Bischofsweg North to West

  • Journeys from Kiefernweg on Route 8 departing 21:09 SuX and 00:51 Sunday morning, plus from Weixdorf on Route 7 at 03:50 Sunday morning and 01:01 Monday morning on Route 7 use this curve to reach Trachenberge Depot.

Anton-/Leipziger Straße South to East & Bf Neustadt West to North curves

  • Route 9 from Prohlis at 21:30 SuX to reach Trachenberge Depot. However during the closure of Großenhainer Straße, trams are unable to run this way so the 21:30 runs to Mickten via the normal route, reverses and runs out of service to the depot. The Anton-/Leipziger Straße South to East curve is however used by diverted Route 3 trams during this closure - see entry below.

Carolaplatz South to West, Neustädter Markt East to West & Anton-/Leipziger Straße South to East

  • From 31 January 2022 until an unknown date, Route 3 trams from Coschütz were diverted over these connections to run in a clockwise loop via Anton-/Leipziger Straße, Bf Neustadt and Albertplatz.

Dresden Mitte East side, South to North

  • Route 10 from Hp. Freiberger Straße at 20:48 SuX & 21:18 SSuX to reach Trachenberge Depot.

Dresden Mitte West side, South to North

  • Not in the PDF but a traveller on a Bank Holiday came across a Route 10 journey from Gorbitz Depot at 08:14 to Messe Dresden departing via Route 2 which used this curve, and its return journey fits in with a service increase on Sundays from Messe.

Leuben Kletterstraße street loop

  • The Route 2 normal eastern terminus at Kleinzschachwitz has reopened so this loop may no longer be in passenger use.

Liststrasse West to North

  • Route 13 from Riegelplatz at 03:56 Daily to Trachenberge Depot.

Straßenbahnmuseum Dresden e. V. Tours

The Tram Museum in the past operated a weekend vintage route 16 as a circular service from their Depot at Trachenberge and its regular route ran via one non-passenger curve, Pirnaischer Platz north to west. In 2023 running days only coincide with special events on 1/2 April, 19/20 August and 11/12 November 2023 and routes offered appear to differ. See their website as a timetable for 1 April showed route 16 using the loop at Mickten and Liststraße west to north.


This is the terminus for routes 10 and 12 but there is no loop as Trams simply change from one route to the other at stop Ludwig-Hartmann-Strasse. Therefore all route 10's travel via the north to west curve here.

Friedhof Lauben north to west

  • Route 6 journeys towards Reick Depot at 22:31 23:03 SuX, 22:17 SuO

Schlömilchstraße loop

  • Taken from August 2018 IBSE Telegramm. A new loop replacing the closed turnback triangle, used on Schooldays only by route 12 or E6 at 07:46, 07:59 and 14.36 and 14:51

Webergasse loop

  • During a closure of Großenhainer Straße from 31 January 2022 until an unknown date, certain late-night services on Route 3 ran as Route E3, diverging from the normal route at Pirnaischer Platz via Prager Straße and terminate at this loop. Those services departed Carolaplatz at 00:56, 01:56 and 02:56 every night.

Duisburg: DVG

Timetables are here with maps of each route further down the same page. No other obscure workings are known as:-

although there are terminators at Fischerstraße from Mannesmann Tor 2, with trams not passing through any stop before reaching the access line to Grunewald Betriebshof, the connecting line between routes 903 and U79 will not be traversed in passenger service
the posted timetables as at March 2024 do not show any trams transferring between routes 901 and 903 via the curves at Marxloh Pullmann

Hafenkanal bridge between Albertstraße and Vinckeweg

The Gleisplanweb website Duisburg map suggests the new and currently in use bridge built alongside the now demolished old bridge will be slid across onto the old alignment by mid-2025.

Route 901

The DVG website advises the section from Scholtenhofstraße to Obermarxloh Schleife has been bustituted between 06:00 & 20:00 on Mondays to Fridays since 10 August 2015 due to a lack of trams.

Düsseldorf: Rheinbahn

Timetables by route or for all services here or a routemap here. The first entries below relate to a visit in March 2024, followed by details from advertised journeys in the timetable dated 12 June 2005

Route U71

  • Does not run beyond Heinrichstraße to Dusseldorf Rath on Sundays, so no scheduled use of the east side south to east, or west side south end north to east curves that day.

Route U77

  • Does not run on Sundays so no service that day from Prinzenallee to Am Seestern

Lierenfeld Depot journeys to/from Dusseldorf Hbf

  • Shown as route E, these run in passenger service non-stop to/from the Hbf via the no regular service 1.9km line from Worringer Platz to Ronsdorfer Straße. Note these do NOT call at stop Lierenfeld Btf on line U75/U77 but pick/up set down 200m away around the corner just outside the Depot gates on the Depot Access line and use the north to west curve.

It is suspected there may be r 701 Depot Journeys just using the south to east curve and 200m Depot Access line but whether they run in service is not confirmed.

Street loop between Am Steinberg - Merowingerstraße

  • Notwithstanding what is shown on various website maps, Routes 705 and 706 terminate at Am Steinberg, and layover in-between there and recommencing in passenger service at Merowingerstraße, so riding this section is not normally possible.

Loop north of Belsenplatz on routes U76 and U77, [previously Rheinbahnhaus turning circle

  • A stop could be seen on this loop in March 2024 but it it is not known if travel to it is possible as the limited possible journeys shown in the timetable are shown terminating at Belsenplatz. Any departure times are not known.

Grafenberg Staufenplatz loop

  • Route 709 journeys

Sportpark Nord/Europaplatz loop (route U78)

  • Two outward journeys per hour use this loop (except when an enhanced service is in operation for Messe and arena events). Note that trams from Arena/Messe Nord to Dusseldorf Hbf do not run via Sportpark Nord/Europaplatz and on a journey in March 2024, the few passengers who joined at Sportpark Nord/Europaplatz travelling towards Dusseldorf were allowed to stay on and travel around the loop at Arena/Messe Nord.

Universitat Nord/Christopherstraße

  • Route 704 journeys

2005 details only partially updated

Polizeipräsidium (clockwise) loop

  • Route 704 before 06:20 SSuX and after 19:15 SSuX, also SSuO (but no service 08:55 SO to 16:20 SO)
  • Route 719 06:20 SSuX to 19:12 SSuX

Südfriedhof turning circle (route 709)

  • From Gerresheim Krankenhaus to Hauptbahnhof via Südfriedhof: 23:48 SuO

Jan-Wellem-Platz northern platform loop [platforms 7 and 8]

Believed to have been abolished when a new cross city tram tunnel was opened.

  • Anti-clockwise circuit through platform 7 (outward non-stop via platform 3): route 711 between 07:54 SSuX and 10:04 SSuX and again between 15:35 SSuX and 17:35 SSuX
  • Platform 8 to west curve: departures from platform 8 at 04:44 SuX (712), 05:04 SuX (712), 05:25 SO (712), 05:34 SSuX (712), 06:04 SSuX (712), 06:34 SSuX (712), 08:40 SuO (712), 17:12 Sch (713), 17:22 Sch (713), 17:32 Sch (713), 17:42 Sch (713) [0722 Sch, 07:32 Sch and 07:42 Sch route 713 workings from Holthausen may arrive via this curve]. Sch denotes school-days only
  • Platform 7 to west curve: route 715 departures from platform 7 at 05:11 SSuX, 05:31 SSuX, 05:38 SO, 05:51 SSuX, 05:58 SO, 06:11 SSuX, 06:18 SO, 06:38 SO, 06:58 SO, 19:46 SSuX, 20:08 SuX, 20:28 SSuX, 20:48 SSuX

Bruchstrasse (anti-clockwise) loop (routes 716 and 719)

  • Route 716: from Universität Ost to Kettwiger Strasse (or beyond) via Bruchstrasse: 17:08 Sch, 17:58 Sch, 18:08 Sch. Sch denotes school-days only
  • Route 719: from Polizeipräsidium to Polizeipräsidium via Bruchstrasse: 07:51 SSuX, 15:42 FO/1742 FSSuX and every 10 minutes to 16:22 FO/1822 FSSuX

(also other journeys advertised into - but not out of - Bruchstrasse)

Flingern S-Bahnhof east to south curve (route 716)

No scheduled service in March 2024

  • On schooldays only, between 06:15 and 09:15 and again between 15:10 and 18:30
  • Also one SSuX non school-days round trip at 06:26 from Auf'm Hennekamp (stop 3) to Staufenplatz and 06:52 return

Auf'm Hennekamp northeast to southeast curve

No scheduled service in March 2024

  • Route 716 on schooldays only, between 06:45 and 09:25 and again between 14:55 and 18:15
  • Also from Auf'm Hennekamp (stop 4) to Benrath or Universität Ost: 07:13 SSuX (716), 10:22 SO (701), 15:24 SuO (701), 15:26 SSuX (711)

Erfurt: SWE/EVAG

Reports from various year visits, annotated as appropriate so this list may not be complete nor up to date. Timetables can be found here and a route map including some bus routes as at 14 March 2022 here.

Anger north to west

Route 3 to Brühler Garten departing 18:20 SSuX.

Wiesenhügel loop and Abzweig Wiesenhügel West to South

All route N3 journeys to Urbicher Kreuz also serve Wiesenhügel via the above rare sections. These are clearly shown in the day route 3 PDF.

Domplatz Süd South to North

In the PDF dated 21 August 2023, route 4 from Bindersleben to Universität departing Gothaer Platz at 20:25 SSuX

Hauptfriedhof turning circle

This is the old terminal loop on the other side of a main road from the through tracks of the extended route 4 via the Flughafen to Bindersleben. Inbound and outbound trams use approximately one quarter each of the loop which is used by half of the service all days of the week.

"Stadtpark" loop with Löberwallgraben departure stop

Route 5 officially terminates at Erfurt Hauptbahnhof but there is no turning circle there so all trams continue to the clockwise street loop described as Stadtpark in the 2005 Strassenbahn Atlas. There is a departure stop near the loop exit named Löberwallgraben at which you can board departing trams as it is found in the journey planner but this is not listed in the timetable nor shown on system maps. Asking to stay on the tram at the Hauptbahnhof to travel to Löberwallgraben is known to have been successful.

Zoopark loop

There are two stops with the same name at this Route 5 balloon loop Terminus, stay on after calling at the first as the second serves the adjacent bus station


Until 20.45 Route 6 uses an anti-clockwise loop to terminate on a separate third track, after this time all passing route 1 and 6 trams arrive on one route and depart as the other on platforms 1 and 2.

Route 9

Although shown on maps in the same style as a tram line, this is a bus route


Daily in summer and on other occasions, there is scope for rare curves in Erfurt City centre so further information would be appreciated by the Compilers.

Essen: EVAG

Shared website with Mülheim. Route map at August 2023 [also covering Mülheim] some way down the page here. Timetable information [Essen routes only] here.

Route 107

The timetable PDF in March 2024 shows limited timespans/days of the week but frequent trams terminating/starting from stops on the loops at Abzweig Katernberg Schleife and Hanielstraße Schleife [Schleife i.e. loop] which can be travelled in service.

Germaniaplatz street loop

Route 106 arriving from the east takes the street loop anti-clockwise to terminate at Germaniaplatz, then runs empty to layover on a loop parallel to its inbound route. The same tram on departure changes to a route 101, again travelling anti-clockwise via Germaniaplatz to depart eastbound. The curves not taken by routes 101 and 106 can be travelled on south/north through route 103.


The 101 in one direction terminates here and then changes route to a 106, and on arrival and departure travel the street loop and four curves. Route 101's from Sälzerstraße take the south to east, then west to north curve onto the street loop to terminate at stop number 5, then departs as a route 106 via the east to south and north to south back towards Sälzerstraße. The approaching from different directions through 101/106 journeys not terminating here take the separate non-street loop east to north curve. A PDF distinguishing between the calling stops can be located after loading Helenenstraße on selecting Haltestellenplan from here

Hollestraße north to west

There is a lengthy non-passenger Depot access line from a triangle at Hollestraße, but the westbound stop towards Essen Hbf is east of the triangle. Therefore any tram coming into service heading for Essen Hbf calls at a stop on the non-passenger Depot access line just before the triangle so this north to west curve can be travelled in service. Departures from this stop 7 as at January 2024 are between 04:05 and 06:05, 19:02, 19:17, 19:32 SSuX, 05:01, 05:51 SO, 06:35, 07:50 SuO. Depot bound services terminate at a stop west of the triangle so do not use this curve in service.

Hollestraße north to east

From the same stop 7 by just the 06:35 SSuO route 109 to Essen Steele. Any inbound to the Depot from Essen Steele terminate at the stop east of the triangle so do not use this curve in service.

Frankfurt am Main: VGF

Advertised journeys in timetable dated 12 December 2004

Southeast - southwest curve at Hauptbahnhof Südseite

  • From Hauptbahnhof Südseite to Rheinlandstrasse, Südbahnhof, Offenbach Stadtgrenze or Stadion (routes 12,15,16,19,21): 03:36, 03:48 SSuX, 03:49 SO, 04:09 SuO, 04:18 SSuX, 04:19 SSuO, 04:31 SuX, 04:32 SuO, 04:38 SSuX, 04:39 SuO, 04:51 SuX, 04:52 SuO, 04:53 SSuX, 04:58 SSuX, 05:01 SSuX, 05:08 SSuX, 05:11 SuX, 05:12 SuO, 05:13 SSuX, 05:32 SSuX, 05:36 SuO, 06:07 SO, 06:13 SSuX, 06:23 SSuX, 07:01 SO, 07:08 SO, 07:22 SO, 07:08 SO, 07:28 SO, 07:48 SO, 10:48 SuO, 11:08 SuO, 11:28 SuO, 11:48 SuO, 12:02 SuO, 12:08 SuO, 12:22 SuO, 12:28 SuO
  • From Rheinlandstrasse to Hauptbahnhof Südseite (routes 12 and 19): 00:55, 01:15 MO, 13:35 SSuX, 13:45 SSuX, 20:45 SO
  • From Südbahnhof to Hauptbahnhof Südseite (route 15): 00:51, 01:11, 01:21, 20:18
  • From Offenbach Stadtgrenze to Hauptbahnhof Südseite (route 16): 00:48, 01:18, 20:58, 21:18, 21:38, 21:58
  • From Stadion to Hauptbahnhof Südseite (route 21): 00:47, 01:07, 19:35 SSuO, 19:55 SSuO, 20:15 SSuO, 20:35 SSuX

Daimlerstrasse to Johanna Tesch Platz

  • From Fechenheim Hugo Junkers Strasse to Johanna Tesch Platz (route 12): 00:29, 20:03 SSuX

Southeast to southwest curve at Saalburg/Wittelsbacherallee

  • From Saalburg/Wittelsbacherallee [route 12 stop, direction Bornheim Mitte] to Neu Isenburg Stadtgrenze (route 14): 04:16 SSuX, 04:31 SO, 04:46 SSuX, 04:51 SSuO, 04:56 SSuX, 05:06 SSuX, 05:11 SuO, 05:26 SSuX, 05:51 SuO, 06:56 SO, 07:16 SO, 07:56 SO, 12:16 SuO, 12:36 SuO

Rebstöcker Strasse - Galluswarte

  • There are alternative routes via Schwalbacher Strasse or via Galluspark/VHS; the latter route is used only as follows: eastbound from 13:20 SuX to 20:00 SuX and westbound from 05:15 SuX to 10:00 SuX. At all other times the route via Schwalbacher Strasse is used.

Turning circles at Zoo and at Festhalle/Messe

  • Used by Ebbelwei-Express (sightseeing service), with up to ten round trips SSuO and Public Holidays, as advertised.

Ebbelwei-Express Tourist Service

This tourist tram operation resumed on 6 November 2021 after an 18 month break due to the pandemic. It runs from Zoo, on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays, starting at 13-30 and every 35 minutes until 19-45. Price 8 Euro [3.5 Euro concessions] for a hour long " filled..." trip, which includes a bottle of Frankfurt cider [or apple juice] and a bag of pretzels. More details at the Ebbelwei-Express website.

Frankfurt Oder: SVF

Advertised journeys in timetable dated 2 May 2023. Note some routes do not run on Sundays.

Bahnhof - North to West curve to/from Kleist Forum - [Messegelände]

  • Route 5 with departures from Bahnhof at 04:08/38 then every 20 minutes from 06:28 - 09:08 & 13:28 - 17:28 Monday to Friday, 18 or 19 minutes later on the return journeys from Messegelände from stop Kleist Forum. At weekends the only journeys are from Bahnhof at 06:08 & 06:38 or from Kleist Forum at 22:46 or 23:16

Johann-Eichorn-Straße - Heinrich-Hildebrand-Straße

Route 3 & 4 coming into/out of service to/from Betriebshof SVF and Markendorf Ort use a south to west curve between these two stops. They are shown running in service with calls to/from stop Mühlenweg on the route of trams 1 & 5.

  • Route 3 leaving the Depot shows a timing from Birkenallee at 05:59 SSuX, inbound from Heinrich-Hildebrand-Straße at 17:10, 17:45 & 18:05 SSuX.
  • Route 4 leaving the Depot shows a timing from Birkenallee at 04:20, 04:25, 05:55, 06:25 SSuX 06:55 SO, 09:00 SSuO or inbound from Heinrich-Hildebrand-Str at 19:49 SuX, 15:49 SO, 23:01, 23:09 Daily

Freiburg im Breisgau: VAG

Databased following April 2023 visit, not all of the network was travelled so other rare curves may be in use. A routeplan is here and timetables here.

German Society IBSE reported in November 2023 that special trams run from various route ends to events at the Europa-Park Stadion [on route 4 towards the Messe]. Some will use Rathaus im Stühlinger north to west as listed below and others Robert-Koch-straße east to west.

Runzmattenweg - Bissierstraße

Route 3 between these stops is grade separated where it meets line 1. There is also a used loop at the latter where a small section of rare track can be done by departures, arrivals drop off at the passing platform.


Route 5 terminates just before a triangle junction with route 4 with limited early and late depot runs via the east to north curve identified in timetables by note Z in route 5, or note R in route 4.

Rathaus im Stühlinger north to west

Depot runs by route 2 and 4 to/from Am Lindenwälde via this curve are shown in the timetable PDFs

Gera: GVB

Advertised journeys in timetable dated January 2016

Schmelzhüttenstraße - Heinrichstraße

  • The trackplan on the website correctly shows three single track routes via separate streets between these two points. As at November 2016, the southernmost was used by route 1 trams from Zwötzen towards Untermhaus, and the middle by route 1 trams from Untermhaus to Zwötzen. The third running south to north to arrive at Heinrichstraße from the north is only used by route 1 trams from Zwötzen towards the Depot with departures from Schmelzhüttenstraße at 20:51, 00:06, 00:36 SSuX, 18:56, 19:26 SSuO, 00:06, 00:36 Saturday and Monday morning, 01:11, 01:41 Sunday morning.

Bahnhof Zwötzen - Fußgängerbrücke

  • Route 2 over this four tram stop section only runs Mondays - Fridays between 05:15 and 20:00. There are additional journeys to/from Betriebshof GVB and Fußgängerbrücke using the south side of the Fußgängerbrücke triangle and part of the above route on all days of the week.

Fußgängerbrücke east to north

  • Twelve Route 3 Journeys from stop Betriebshof GVB between 04:08 and 06:23 SSuX, five on Saturdays between 05:08 and 09:11 and 04:03, 5:08, 06:32, 11:48, 12:13 [Route 2] and 12:18 on Sundays.
  • Inbound Depot workings departing Keplerstraße at 08:10, 08:30, 08:50, 17:10, 20:59, 21:02 SSuX 00:17, 00:47, 01:02 Saturday morning, 16:00, 19:07, 19:30, 19:37 SO, 01:02 Sunday morning, 19:05 SuO & 00:17, 00:47 & 01:01 Monday morning

Lusan/Brüte turning circle

  • Part of Route 3 terminates ¼ way in, and departs 1/3rd out of this loop between 05:25 and 16:25 SSuX

Görlitz: VGG

Advertised journeys in timetable dated 15 December 2013 [current in October 2016]

Bahnhof/Sudausgang West to South

  • Despite Route 2 PDF advising the 19:28 journey connects with a Town Centre bound Route 3 implying a call at stops opposite each other after the above curve, a traveller in October 2016 was asked to get off the tram at the stop before the curve [Bahnhof] as the driver needed to leave the vehicle to manually switch the point. It is not known if the later journeys may traverse the curve in service but it is thought unlikely. Departures are from Lutherstrasse at 19:28, 19:48 & 20:08 SSuX and 20:16 SSuO so any further confirmation would be appreciated by the Compilers.

Gotha: TWSB

Advertised journeys from 15 December 2019.

Huttenstraße East to West

  • Only used by Route 3 which has a very limited service with departures from Gartenstraße towards Ostbahnhof at 04:26 & 05:24 SSuX, 08:28 SO and 09:28 SuO, and from Hersdorfplatz towards Wagenhalle at 17:38, 19:01, 22:46 SSuX, 19:03 SSuO.

Sundhausen - Boxberg via Kreiskrankenhaus

  • A few Route 4 journeys run via the Kreiskrankenhaus terminus of route 1. These are the only services to use the direct NE <> SW line between Kreiskrankenhaus and Boxberg at the triangle south of Sundhausen. Departures from Sundhausen at 04:59, 05:33, 05:59, 06:20, 07:09, 20:06, 21:06 SSuX 08:06, 20:06 SSuO or from Boxberg at 04:48, 05:30, 06:06, 18:25, 19:25, 20:13, 21:13, 22:13 SSuX, 17:29, 18:25, 19:25, 20:13, 21:13 SSuO

Waltershausen Gleisdreieck West to North

  • The on-line PDF shows use by one pair of trams each week, a Saturdays only 07:28 from Waltershausen Bahnhof departing Waltershausen Ohrdrufer Straße at 07:33 arriving Bad Tabarz at 07:52 and a return at 07:54 from Bad Tabarz to Waltershausen Bahnhof departing Schnepfenthal at 08:08.

Waltershausen Gleisdreieck East to North

  • The Route 6 shuttle to/from Waltershausen Bahnhof terminates on the East curve so its complete length is only done by limited through services on/off route 4 from Waltershausen Ohrdrufer Straße at 20:35 SSuX, 19:29 SSuO, and Wahlwinkel at 04:55 SSuX, 07:15 SO, 08:57 SuO

Waltershausen Bahnhof loop

  • The Route 6 shuttle to/from Waltershausen Gleisdreieck if worked by a double ended tram may not use the full loop here, but run direct to the terminal stop.

Halberstadt: HVG

Advertised journeys in timetable dated 15 April 2018. Note it is only possible to travel the complete system including both entries below on a Saturday as Route 1 does not run on Sundays.

Klus branch (Herbingstrasse west junction - Klus - Herbingstrasse east junction)

  • From Sargstedter Weg to Hauptbahnhof (route 2): 08:00 SO / 09:00 SSuO and hourly to 18:00 SSuO [note: route used only on these days and only in this direction - all other route 2 journeys use direct curve at Herbingstrasse]

Friedhof terminus

  • The terminus of Route 1 at Friedhof does not have a turning circle, therefore as in February 2018, if worked by single ended trams they change direction on departure by reversing in passenger service via a triangle at the entrance to the adjacent Depot.

Halle: HAVAG

The operators route map dated 11 December 2023 is here. Timetables are available here.

The long interurban r 5 from Halle via Merseburg to Bad Dûrrenberg Markt stops running over its full length with last departures from either end around 19.00. Other daytime Halle routes also stop running around this time, with replacement routes numbered in the nineties replacing them. Very few off route journeys are shown in the published or stop PDFs so a number of entries are from mid September 2023 observation.

Bad Dürrenberg Markt

The Urbanrail website states the service here was extended on 17-09-2021 from Bad Dürrenberg Hbf to Bad Dürrenberg Markt which is 200m further round an exceedingly large street loop. Trams return anti-clockwise from a newly constructed bay platform at Bad Dürrenberg Markt via the Hbf but a visitor in June 2022 advised the gap clockwise beyond Bad Dürrenberg Markt stop to the loop junction was very shiny but the timetable did not show any obvious in service workings that would use it. Any reports of travelling this section would be welcomed.

Franckeplatz south to east

Three route 1 journeys were shown on the platform screens on Tuesday 12 September 2023 leaving stop Steinweg around 20:05 - 20:25 heading for Rosengarten Depot via the Hauptbahnhof.

Franckeplatz west to east

A 20:47 route 9 from the west stop heading for Rosengarten Depot via the Hauptbahnhof was shown on the screens on Tuesday 12 September 2023.


Routes 2 and 7 terminate here from opposite directions and have separate anti or clockwise loops that can be travelled in service by arrivals which cross the other routes departing track on the level.


The service pattern of route 5 with very few exceptions involves a direct run from Halle via Leunaweg to Bad Dûrrenberg Markt, but a double run from Leunaweg to Merseburg Sud and back northbound. Therefore all three sides of the triangle at Leunaweg and the loop at Merseburg Sud can be done in service.

Rosengarten south to west and Vogelweide east to north

As at September 2023 by one timetabled shown route 5E from Theodor-Neubar Straße at 06:56 SSuO plus Route 95 between approximately 19:30 - 00:30 SSuX, 03:30 - 08:00 SO/10:00 SuO & 19:30 - 00:30 SSuO. In addition there are more using just the Rosengarten curve when services start or wind down around 19:00 heading from or to Rosengarten Depot.

IBSE 10 August 2017 summary

When the network was undergoing significant upgrading the German Society IBSE published a rare route summary with effect from a timetable change as they are almost without exception not shown in published PDFs. Those not now covered above and still technically possible follow to give an idea of what other rare curves might still be found with a point to point journey planner search. These were on Mo-Fr (without guarantee and without claim to completeness):

  • The loop at Heide is approached by 07.48, 08.03 and 19.20 hrs (the first two times only on school days). A ride depends on the driver.
  • From Heide, trams at 07.52 and 19.26 run via the W-S curve at Franckeplatz - Vogelweide - Damaschkestraße to Rosengarten. There are other trams from Kröllwitz use the same routing.
  • A tram from Heide at 08:29 am from the 3rd platform runs via the N-W curve at Rennbahnkreuz to change to a line 16 at Göttinger Bogen at about 9 o'clock. There may be others. 
  • At 19.42 a line 1 from Beesen heading for Rosengarten travels via Südstadt - Böllberg - W-S curve Rannischer Platz - Vogelweide.
  • A 5E from Ammendorf at 06.43 hrs drives via Vogelweide, the S-E curve at Franckeplatz and the W-N curve at Riebeckplatz to Steintor to continue at 07.11 as 1E to Beesen.
  • The Steintor N-E curve (from Reileck to Berliner Brücke) is used in the evening by three trams: line 12 at 19.49 and 20.04 from Trotha and line 7 at 20.05 from Kröllwitz.

Hamburg: HVV

A sizeable U-bahn network with numerous grade separated junctions, many completely underground with others in the open, plus sizeable line splits either side of Depots etc, see the track diagram link below for details. The official HVV route map includes DB's S-Bahn lines as well as the U-Bahn so a detailed track plan of only the U-Bahn can be found here. Services are frequent but line timetables are here


From 04:00 until midnight SSuX and 24 hours a day SSuO, line U3 operates as a "panhandle" starting and terminating at Barmbek centre platforms to and from the west, running via an alignment in between the grade separated Wandsbek-Gartenstadt junction, then making a circle of Hamburg and running through Barmbek outer platforms to and from Wandsbek-Gartenstadt.

At certain hours route U3 also operates separate circular services which use the outer platforms at Barmbek, with shuttle services between Barmbek and Wandsbek-Gartenstadt. Where the regular service pattern as above operates as well, every second train is a circular service.

Circular services operate between these times:

  • 20:00 - 23:00 FSSuX
  • 20:00 - 24:00 FO
  • 00:00 - 05:00 SSuO
  • 09:00 - 24:00 SO
  • 10:00 - 18:00 SuO.

During these hours, clockwise circular arrivals from the west run to the south of the ex Wandsbek-Gartenstadt flyover to the south side platform at Barmbek and anti-clockwise departures from Barmbek use the north side platform and run outside the north side of the Wandsbek-Gartenstadt flyover and uniquely use a separate flyover above the entrance to the nearby Hauptwerkstatt Hellbrookstrasse.

Hannover: Üstra

Tram route map as at 10 December 2023 here. The previous practice of also showing night routes with boxed numbers with a diagonal left to right line through them, or shaded boxes for additional Trade Fair routes has been abandoned. Select "City Railway" to display only tram Timetables from various dates here.

Off route Depot runs are not displayed on stop timetables, but will appear as an "E" on platform screens. These journeys also do not appear on PDF timetables so some entries are purely from observations in July 2023 and January 2024.

Döhren Depot triangle

The 2022 dated timetables displayed at stops south of Döhren clearly showed journeys towards Hannover around 4am would require a change of vehicle at the Döhren Depot entrance tram stop suggesting use of the south to east, and east to north curves but this is not confirmed from the current on-line timetable. This is no doubt only available because the nearest stop Peiner Straße has no platforms to the south of the triangle. This arrangement is seemingly confirmed as in January 2024 a traveller caught a route "E" tram advertised as going to Döhren/Betriebshof around 14:20 from Laatzen Zentrum on a Tuesday and it took the south to east curve with passengers onboard. Prospective travellers should search the journey planner for Döhren/Betriebshof.

Since 10 December 2023 the line to Döhren Betriebshof is included on the Hannover route map, but route 2 is shown on it terminating at Peiner Straße, the stop at the north end of the Depot access triangle. Observations saw all passengers being requested to leave the tram and not travel in service via the triangle.

Fuhsestraße Betriebshof

The December 2023 route map shows an un-numbered line from north of Bahnhof Leinhausen off routes 4 & 5 with two stops so it is assumed this section can be travelled on Depot runs even though no such journeys are shown in the relevant PDFs, nor found in the journey Planner.

Goetheplatz east to south to Schwarzer Bär north to west, plus junction west of Schwarzer Bär to Allerweg

Although route 17 is a higher number than all others it is not temporary and is unique to the above sections. Also note it does not run after 20:30 SSuX, 18:55 SO, 17:50 SuO nor before 12 noon on Saturday or Sunday's.

Messe Nord loop

This has separate arrival and departure stops to regulate crowds during major events, but it was possible to travel the complete loop on the tram when no event was taking place.

Note the turning circle on a different route at Messe Ost goes at least 500 metres beyond the arrival and departure platform.

Schwarzer Bär south to north

Depot runs towards Glocksee Bhf were seen on platform screens around 19:30 on a Wednesday from stops on the east end branches of then routes 3, 7 & 9. This curve would also be used by all night journeys on route 12, four hourly pairs each night, plus these towards the Depot or outbound night services are the only ones to use the short south to north curve at the Goetheplatz roundabout.

Heilbronn: HNV

This is considered part of the Land's train/tram service network as there is a through service to/from Karlsruhe sharing tracks with a DB semi-fast service but Tram/trains then use street running sections through Heilbronn. In addition there are two local services [normally commencing from Heilbronn Hbf forecourt] with a section north from Harmonie that unusually shares sections of freight only tracks before continuing on the DB network beyond Neckarsulm. For timetables do not use the KVV journey planner but either those of DB or HNV as they are much more straightforward... The Heilbronn route network is top right in here.

Harmonie east to north

The S41 & S42 services were diverted to run to/from Pfühlpark via this curve between 3 July and 6 September 2023 [inclusive] due to closure of the section between Heilbronn Hbf and Harmonie as per here.

Jena: JES

Advertised journeys in timetable dated 11 August 2016

Stadtzentrum Holzmarkt - Stadtzentrum Löbdergraben

  • All Route 33 journeys which only runs 21:15 to 00:15 Daily or additionally between 04:15 to 07:45 SO or to 11:45 SuO.

Winzerla loop

  • Half of the service on routes 2 and 3 run through changing route here so a complete traversal of the loop is guaranteed. Note all route 34 journeys also run via Winzerla loop during its limited operating hours.

Karlsruhe: KVV

Many services run through onto and then many km's on DB infrastructure, some looping off and on DB lines onto unique "tram" sections, [e.g. see entry for Heilbronn]. The entries here are only for those that could be considered as tram "curves" in Karlsruhe as the main EGTRE Unusual Lines page for the Baden-Württemberg Land contains details of those involving DB infrastructure.

This is a large network with many curves and some city centre lines with no regular service so what is shown here is from the limited knowledge of the Compiler so is undoubtedly much less than potentially in occasional use. To find additional rare curves timetable details can be found here or PDFs dated 11 December 2022 of all trams and trains in the KVV area [large document] here and a route map of the same date here.

Ebertstraße - west to south curve - Albtalbahnhof

As at July 2023 SSuX route S12 to/from Ittersbach Rathaus.
Departures from Ebertstraße at 12:51, 15:51, 16:21, 16:51 SSuX
Departures from Karlsruhe Albtalbahnhof (Gleis 4) at 07:15 [NOT on schooldays], 07:45, 08:15, 08:45 SSuX

Poststraße east to north

Was observed in use by diverted route 3 in early June 2023 that had ended by 23 July 2023 but is in use again from 27 July to 16 August 2023 by diverted route 2.

Kassel: KVG

2023 summary

A large tram/train network with through workings to/from DB tracks. A report of the following sections of rare track noted in use in Summer 2023 with apologies for not setting up a proper entry.

1. The 1934 and 2004 SX from Hessenschantz on line 8, and 0008 daily, turn right after Rathaus/Funffensterstrasse (rather than left as usual) being described as route 0 for Hess Rundfahrt. They then call all halts along the way, past Wilhelmshöhe station, and terminate and run into the depot. Reference to timetables will see that several other trams off at least route 1 may also.
2. Trams into town on route 5 at 0728, 0737, 0743 and 0816 at Rathuas appear not to run via the usual city centre route but make a turn also used by RT1, RT 4 & RT5 to take the loop past the approach to Hbf station
3. Last trams from Mattenburg daily on route 3 (e.g. at 2344) turn left after Walter-Schucking-Platz (23:58) avoiding Wilhelmshöhe station on the triangle and head for the depot. The timetable at Walter-Schucking-PlatzGoing suggested three other trams on weekdays: 2351, 0021 and 0028 - Route E at 0800 on schooldays also makes that turn.
4. the 1950 (SX) and 23:24 daily tram from Vellmar on line 1 are advertised after Am Stern to head for Sandershauser Strasse depot
5. Four trams from Mattenberg inwards on route 5 are described as Route 5E and some as high floor. When they reach Rathaus they head straight on and then via route 7 to Wilhelmshöhe and the Depot.

Köln: KVB

A schematic tram map dated 2024 is here with a link to download individual timetables here.

These entries are from a May 2019 report so as this is such a large system it is assumed there will be other rare route opportunities, so any reports would be welcomed by the Compilers.

Link from Bf. Deutz / Lanxess-Arena [Line 3 and 4] to/from Deutz Technische Hochschule [Line 1 and 9]

This no regular service link line has a triangle at the west end and the

  • the north to east curve was used by midweek evening Depot journeys on route E from Vischeringstrasse to Merheim
  • the south to east curve was used by a mid evening Depot route E4 from Suevenstraße to Merheim

The route 3 and 4 on-line timetables dated 10 December 2023 show no E journeys, so it is not known if these journeys still run and are shown on departure screens in passenger service via this line to Merheim.

Krefeld: Krefeld Mobil GmbH

Route network here, and timetables here.

The system has two north - south non-passenger connecting lines.

Hüls Betriebshof

Trams can terminate either on the main road, or at right angles on the access to the closed Tram Depot. In March 2024 they were using the latter.

Philadelphiastraße - Voltastraße connecting line

With triangles at both end, Philadelphiastraße west to south and Voltastraße north to east is in use by diverted route 044 between 24 January and approximately 20 August 2024. The track plan on the Gleisplanweb site is correct apart from northbound trams towards Hüls do call at Voltastraße at a stop on the curve.

Rheinstraße north to east

In use by diverted route 044 between 24 January and approximately 20 August 2024

Sprödentalplatz - Großmarkt connecting line

With triangles at both ends, no recent diversionary use is known. Seen to be in use for stop/start tram driver training in March 2024.

Leipzig: LVB

An over 120km system so it is highly likely there are numerous obscure workings in addition to those discovered on 2023/24 visits as listed below, especially as short workings do not appear in route PDFs. Therefore many of the details below were discovered by point to point searches in the journey Planner. Depot workings normally just show route "E", but others such as route 3 with a bifurcation to Sommerfield show "3E", or route 4 when it morphs into route 12 or vv, display 4E or 12E [as per the entry below].

Network Maps of regular routes, and a second showing temporary closures can be found here with more details of the work underway here. Timetables are here and further down the same page is the journey planner. There is also a page with map giving details and dates for all major planned work here.

Pending closure?

The Gleisplanweb track map of Leipzig suggests the section from Mockau, Post to Thekla is proposed for re-routing but a visitor in January 2024 advises no work had yet commenced.

Georg-Schumann-/Lindenthaler Straße west to south

Route 4 is diverted via this curve to terminate at Wahren from 11 March to "June" 2024. See Sportforum Ost street loop entry below for other use.

Connecting line between Friedrich-List-Platz via Elsastraße to Reudnitz, Koehlerstraße

Routes 4 and 7 are diverted via the above route from 11 March to at least 21 April, possibly but yet to be confirmed additionally until 25 May 2024. Details here.

Georg-Schumann-/Lindenthaler Straße east to north

Route 11 is diverted via this curve to terminate at Gohlis, Landsberger Straße from 22 January – 3 March 2024 [inclusive].

September/November 2023 Temporary routings: all ended

The network has numerous non-passenger connecting lines and during this period three were in use [plus two short term routes]:-

  • 16 Eutritzscher Zentrum north to east via Dessauer Straße to Apelstraße Historischer Straßenbahnhofnorth to west [until 15.10.2023]
  • 38 Wilhelm-Leuschner-Platz south to west from 2 - 21 October 2023
  • 9 Eutritzscher Zentrum south to east via Dessauer Straße to Apelstraße, Historischer Straßenbahnhof. From 21 October until 12 November 2023 r 9 terminated at the Apelstraße, Historischer Straßenbahnhof stop on the main road normally used by not diverted route 9's, then reversed out of service to the north junction of the triangle and forward to pick up from the first stop in Dessauer Straße.
  • 10 Richard-Lehmann-Straße/HTWK north to east via Altenburger Straße to R.-Lehmann-/Zwickauer Straße west to south [until 19.11.2023]
  • 4 Fritz-Seger-Straße - Menckestraße [until 17 December 2023]
  • 9 When the above r 9 diversion ended, another commenced from 13 November 2023 as the 9 resumed its usual routing from Apelstraße, Historischer Straßenbahnhof to Wilhelm-Liebknecht-Platz, but at the next stop north Hamburger Straße changes to/continues as a route 1 or vice versa via the Mockauer /Volbedingstraße south to east curve until 3 December 2023.
  • when r 9 resumed running beyond Mockauer /Volbedingstraße to Mockau, Post, from 4 - 22 December 2023 r 1 was diverted from Hermann-Liebmann- /Eisenbahnstraße via Torgauer Platz to the loop at Sellerhausen, Emmausstraße which from the Gleisplanweb map appeared to be available in passenger service. [see below later use entry].
  • Temporary route 34 terminated using the Sportforum Ost street loop [north of Waldplatz] until 17 December 2023.

Sections not covered all days a week

  • 8 operates daily but stops running around 21.00, plus on Sundays only runs between 12:45 and 18:42 onto the short Grünau-Nord branch. Note there are separate arrival and departure stops despite the Doprava "Quail" map suggesting a combined one.
  • 8 This also means sections from Waldplatz to Westplatz, Augustusplatz via Hbf. Wintergartenstraße to Hofmeisetrstraße and west to east at Torgauer Platz have services within approximately the same times.
  • 10 The timetable PDF does not show any service on Sundays from Connewitzer Kreuz to Triftweg, but in fact route 9 is diverted away from its usual southern destination to cover this section, with trams changing route number at Connewitzer Kreuz.

Adler west to north

As at January 2024

  • Route 2 from Angerbrücke/Straßenbahnhof to Grünau-Süd departing Markranstädter Strasse at 05:21, 06:27 SSuX
  • Route 2 from Grünau-Süd to Angerbrücke/Straßenbahnhof departing Adler at 20:05, 21:05 SSuX, 19:43 SO

Breite Straße to Wiebelstraße south

As at January 2024

  • route 4 from Heiterblick Teslastraße to Stötteritz departing Volksgarten at 04:02, 04:17, 04:32, 05:51, 06:21 SSuX, 04:25 SSuO, 08:02 SO, 09:02 SuO, 09:37 & 10:07 SO
  • route 4 from Stötteritz to Heiterblick Teslastraße departing Breite Straße at 19:13, 19:43 SSuX, 21:42, 22:12 SO, 23:04, 00:51, 01:21 Daily

Note these trams will also use another separate TSUL entry, Torgauer Platz south to north.

Felsenkeller west to north

As at January 2024

  • route 14 from S-Bahnhof Plagwitz to Angerbrücke/Straßenbahnhof departing Felsenkeller at 09:25, 09:40, 17:11, 17:41 SSuX
  • route 14 from Angerbrücke/Straßenbahnhof at 06:29, 06:59, 12:29, 12:59 to S-Bahnhof Plagwitz SSuX

Goerdelerring west to north

As at January 2024

  • route 12 from Gohlis-Nord to Angerbrücke/Straßenbahnhof departing Lortzingstrasse 00:51 SuO
  • route 12 from Angerbrücke/Straßenbahnhof to Gohlis-Nord departing to Leibnizstr. at 09:09 SuO

Mockauer /Volbedingstraße south to east

In use by diverted route 1 from 12 - 23 February 2024


A convoluted junction incorporating a turning circle. The daily service on route 7 to/from Sommerfeld turns west to south here, but this is far from a normal double track triangle junction as the towards Leipzig side is partially single track. As a consequence terminating route 8's and outbound 7's cross over the city bound track to reach their Paunsdorf-Nord stop and the inbound/outbound tracks separate significantly, so much so the west to south curve used by towards Sommerfeld route 7's is some 100m north of the south to west curve used by the towards Leipzig services... Note the west to south single track curve towards Sommerfeld used by route 7's is also part of the turning circle of terminating route 8's.

The north to east curves, [also separate tracks and 70m apart] are potentially used by two pairs of route 3E trams at start and end of service going off/appearing on route here from Paunsdorf Depot runs, but to note a journey planner search using an intermediate stop does not find these journeys implying the curves are done out of service. However that does find a N17 tram from Lausen to Portitzer Allee/S-Bahnhof Heiterblick via Leipzig Hbf at 03:33 departing Paunsdorf Nord at 03:59.

Riebeck-/Stötteritzer Straße to Technisches Rathaus east to north

Footnotes in the PDFs for routes 4 and 12 show trams ending at Riebeck-/Stötteritzer Straße on one route and recommencing at Technisches Rathaus on the other or vice versa. It is possible to travel the connecting line between these two stops which otherwise has no service, but note this is only in one direction at a time SSuX from 06:25 to 09:25 departing Technisches Rathaus or 14:29 to 19:09 from Riebeck-/Stötteritzer Straße.

Sellerhausen, Emmausstraße loop

In use by Temporary route 33 from 12 - 23 February 2024

Sportforum Ost street loop [north of Waldplatz on route 4] and associated special services

Services in connection with Events at the nearby Red Bull Arena.

LVB publish a map dated 18.12.2023 of special routes for stadium events and a later update confirms use by the "Special line 54 replaces the previous 4E to Sportforum Ost and runs from Neues Rathaus in the ring traffic via W.-Leuschner-Platz ► Hauptbahnhof ► Waldplatz to Sportforum Ost" plus the following additional rare curve by:-

route 51 from Wahren to Lößnig via the Waldstraße [route taken by the 4] using

  • G.-Schumann-/Lindenthaler Straße west to south

There is also a special route 56 from Messe to Sportforum Süd, i.e. NOT the Ost street loop so this does not use any rare track. The first example in 2024 is in connection with an RB Leipzig FC match on 13 January 2024.

Torgauer Platz south to north

Trams ONLY doing this curve Torgauer Platz south to north are to/from Leipzig city centre from Volksgarten at 04:21, 05:41 or from Wiebelstraße at 23:00, 23:30. These are shown as routes 3, 4 or 14 in the JP but may again display "E".

The following trams also travel a second entry Breite Straße to Wiebelstraße south

  • route 4 from Heiterblick Teslastraße to Stötteritz departing Volksgarten at 04:02, 04:17, 04:32, 05:51, 06:21 SSuX, 04:25 SSuO, 08:02 SO, 09:02 SuO, 09:37 & 10:07 SO
  • route 4 from Stötteritz to Heiterblick Teslastraße departing Breite Straße at 19:13, 19:43 SSuX, 21:42, 22:12 SO, 23:04, 00:51, 01:21 Daily.

Waldplatz east to north

As at January 2024

  • Route 4 or 11 from Angerbrücke/Straßenbahnhof towards Gohlis, Landsberger Straße departing Waldplatz at 04:08, 04:26, 04:35, 06:01, 21:59 SSuX, 04:23 SSuO, 07:39 SO, 09:07 SuO
  • Route 4 or 11 from Gohlis, Landsberger Straße to Sportforum Süd departing Feuerbachstr at 19:01, 19:10, 19:23, 22:56, 00:58, 01:04 SSuX, 22:45 SSuO, 23:15 SO, 00:57 SuO

Wiebelstraße west to north - Torgauer Platz south to east

  • This section at least since 2005 is only used after approximately 20:30 SSuX, or until 08:30 and from 20:30 SO or until 12 noon and after 18:45 SuO by route 7 diverted away from its normal route via Edlichstraße which then has no service, plus by SSuO night route N17. See also Torgauer Platz south to north entry for partial use.

Wiedebachplatz east to south

As at January 2024

  • routes 10 or 16 from Dölitz Straßenbahnhof towards Lößnig departing Stockartstrasse 04:07, 04:24, 04:34, 04:42, 04:45, 04:50, 04:58, 06:11, 06:41, 11:17, 11:37, 11:57 SSuX, 04:20/18, 04:29, 04:52 SSuO, 07:30, 07:45 SO, 08:15 SO, 08:25, 09:17, 09:42 SuO
  • routes 10 or 16 from Lößnig to Dölitz Straßenbahnhof departing Wiedebachplatz north at 08:51, 09:11, 09:34, 18:43, 19:13, 19:21, 19:26 SSuX, 22:24, 22:54, 23:14, 00:22, 00:52, 01:01 Daily

Mainz: MVG

No Obscure workings are known. Please notify the Compilers if any are observed.

Magdeburg: MVB

Details below are taken from visits in 2023/24 unless stated, and the up to date timetables can be found here. A network map including buses as at 23 December 2023 here but to note it is schematic so in parts does not reflect junction layouts correctly. Therefore the descriptions and compass points are based on the Gleisplanweb track map. Point to point enquiries to confirm rare routes can be made using the MVB Journey Planner or DB Hafas.

Agnetenstraße north to west – non-passenger line - Neustädter Friedhof east to north

As at September 2023

  • Route 2 from Alte Neustadt at 18:14 & 18:34 towards Betriebshof Nord

Alter Markt east to north

as at January 2024

  • Route 4 from Cracau departing Allee-Center to Betriebshof Nord at 18:27, 22:50, 23:18 SSuX
  • Route 4 from Alter Markt to Cracau at 04:27, 05:35 and 05:59 all SSuX

Alter Markt south to east avoider

as at January 2024

To note although same start/destination points as the above two entries that these trams take a different city centre routing to/from Hasselbachplatz via Goldschmiedebrücke

  • route 4 or 6 early journeys from Westerhüsen Betriebshof to Cracau or Herrenkrug plus early at weekends early or departing Goldschmiedebrücke at 11:01 [r 4] SO or 09:54 [r 6] SuO
  • No SSuX journeys but from Allee-Center at 18:25 [r 4] SO

Benediktinerstraße/Gesellschafthaus west to south

as at January 2024

Departing S-Bahnhof Buckau/Puppentheater to Westerhüsen at 18:12, 20:07, 20:30, 23:04 SSuX, 22:53, 23:02, 23:11, 23:29, 23:30 SSuO Route 6 from Westerhüsen departing Budenbergstraße at 04:24 SSuX 07:03, 10:43 SO, 06:19 SuO

Hasselbachplatz south east to north west

as at January 2024

  • Route 4 or 6 early or late journeys from Westerhüsen Betriebshof to Cracau or Herrenkrug or vv
  • Route 8 from Haeckelstraße/Museum at 06:56, 14:36, 16:36 or from Planckstraße at 13:35, 15:35 all Schooldays only

Hasselbachplatz south east to south west

as at January 2024

  • Route 6 from Westerhüsen to Diesdorf departing Planckstraße at 10.02 SO

Verkehrsbetriebe south to north - Hauptbahnhof by-pass line - City-Carre south to east

as at January 2024

  • Some early route 4 or 6 journeys from Westerhüsen Betriebshof to Cracau or Herrenkrug until approximately 06:15 were shown running on odd days in January 2024.
  • No return SSuX journeys but from City Carré at 18:40 [r 6] SO or after 22:57 SSuO

Kastanienstraße north to east

As at September 2023

  • Route 9 from Neustädter See at 18:13 & 18:31 departing Magdeburg, Bebertaler Straße 4 minutes later towards Betriebshof Nord

Opernhaus east to north

as at January 2024

  • Route 6 off route from Herrenkrug via Nordbrück to Betriebshof Nord departing Opernhaus (Listemannstraße) at 18:07, 22:47, 23:00, 23:18 SSuX
  • Route 5 departing Universitat to Messegelände at 04:34, 04:38, 04:54, 05:13 or route 6 to Herrenkrug at 05:41, 06:02, 06:18 all SSuX

Raiffeisenstraße south to east

as at January 2024

Departing Raiffeisenstraße south to Westerhüsen at 20:04, 20:24 SSuX, 23:08, 23:28 SSuO and note these will also travel Benediktinerstraße/Gesellschafthaus west to south

Westring west to south

as at January 2024

  • Route 6 from Diesdorf to Westerhüsen departing Westring at 18:12, 23:04 SSuX, 22:477 23:00, 23:27 SSuO
  • Route 6 from Westerhüsen to Diesdorf departing Budenbergstraße at 04:24 SSuX 07:03, 10:43 SO, 06:19 SuO

Westring east to south

as at January 2024

Route 2 is shown diverted via this curve for an unknown period from 29 January 2024

Curves temporarily in regular use in 2023

All had ended by no later than 22 December 2023.

  • Until the replacement Strombrückenzug bridge was opened, Route 4 used Turmschanzenstraße/Friedensbrücke east to Arenen north, and Heumarkt north to south.
  • Route 5 Südring north to east and Leipziger Straße/Halberstädter Straße west to south
  • Route 9 Hasselbachplatz north west to south & Raiffeisenstraße east to south
  • Route 10 Hasselbachplatz north east to south & Südring south to west

Other possibilities?

The German Society IBSE published a rare route summary with effect from a timetable change in October 2020 as Depot journeys are almost without exception not shown in published PDFs. Those covered then not covered above above and still technically possible follow to give an idea of what other rare curves might still be found with a point to point journey planner search. These were on Mo-Fr (without guarantee and without claim to completeness)

  • Route 3 SSuX was then the only service via Raiffeisenstraße west to south. It was subsequently suspended but is on the 23 December 2023 map but re-routed away from this curve.

Mannheim/Ludwigshafen: MVH

Timetables from various dates, plus these entries are unlikely to be the only rare track opportunities and may not be current.

Hermann-Gutzmann schule

  • Routes 4 & 4a normally split to reach separate termini in the NE suburbs at Kafertaler Wald and Waldfriedhof but after 21.00 Daily, plus up to 9am Saturdays and all day Sunday both termini are served on the same journeys meaning use of a W to N curve at Hermann-Gutzmann schule.

Depot runs to Rheingönheim via Ludwigshafen Hbf via south exit to Saarlandstraße

  • German contacts advised of rare route E workings as per the title but a journey planner search failed to find them in May 2020 so please check before travelling.

Duale Hochschule - Hans-Thoma-Straße & SAP-Arena - SAP-Arena Süd

  • From 22 May 2020 one tram departing Edingen Bahnhof at 07:04 SSuX is described as route 9, and uses both the above curves to arrive at Mannheim Hbf at 07:37


The track connecting two routes via this road does not normally have a passenger service as it is primarily to access a Depot, but a local correspondent advises that from Autumn 2020 it is traversed SSuX by 3 journeys early AM and 2 in the afternoon peak hours as listed on an email Group post timed at 12:27 on 29.08.20 from erbsenzähler89 on,9431115.

Mülheim: MVG

Mülheim is one of the few cities in the Ruhr who appear content with bus services as there have been three closures in recent years, the latest with last day of service on 6 August 2023 withdrawing the southern end of route 104 and closing from Stadtmitte north via Wertgasse to Oppspring. Undated timetables here, and a network map including buses here.

Berliner Platz

The street level line to the west of here to/from the Betriebshof at Rosendahl via Schloß Broich is not shown in journey planner searches as being available in passenger service by any of the trams listed below shown in the PDFs starting or ending their journeys at Berliner Platz. So it would appear ONLY the rare curves are available to passengers. These are:-

Berliner Platz west to east

  • 112 04:53 SSuX, 07:06, 07:20 SO and 08:04, 08:24 SuO from Berliner Platz to Mülheim Hauptfriedhof and from Mülheim Hauptfriedhof at 23:28 daily from Kaiserplatz to Berliner Platz

Berliner Platz west to north

None, all possible journeys are shown in the journey planner as starting/terminating at Stadtmitte

Berliner Platz west to south and north to south

The west to south curve was used up until 6 August 2023 by a few Depot journeys on the now withdrawn south section of route 104. There is a suggestion a short stub to Evangelisches Krankenhaus may reopen so the north to south curve at Berliner Platz could also regain services but it is suspected the west to south would only be traversed out of service, if at all. The previous limited Depot runs were:-
From Berliner Platz towards Mülheim Hauptfriedhof: 04:43 SSuX, 07:13 SO, 08:13 SuO
From Wertgasse: None shown in timetable

München: MVG

As per the timetable dated 11 December 2016

Grillparzerstraße – Haidenauplatz

  • This section connecting lines 19 and 25 has no scheduled service but as this large tram network has only one Depot east of Einsteinstraße on route 19, trams going in and out of service to/from St-Velt-Straße will use this section.

It should be noted that on being at Einsteinstraße around 09:00 on a Sunday in April 2017 there was a constant stream of trams coming off the Depot, all of which went into service from this stop on the way to their correct route. There were no timetables at the stop so numerous other curves around the Max-Weber Platz area should be possible on these trams

Ostfriedhof West to South

  • Night Tram N27, running daily between Petuelring and Großhesseloher Brücke via Karlsplatz (Stachus) near München Hauptbahnhof. Southbound services between 01:42 and 04:42 from stop Mariahilfplatz or northbound between 01:17 and 04:17 from stop Silberhornstraße.

Hochschule München loop

  • Route 22 SSuX between 07:00 and 19:00 with no service during Summer School Holidays [31.7 - 11.9.2017]. This loop can be completely traversed with an arrival and departure and note departure goes through an opening in a housing block.

Naumburg [Saale]

Timetable link here.

Tracks were extended 90m to terminate in front of the Hauptbahnhof on 14 September 2018, following a 440m re-instatement from Vogelwiese - Salztor reopening on 1 December 2017.

It has also been noted if a special service operates with two tram sets out at the same time that the pair formed of single cars uses the depot access line to recess out of the way of any set with a trailer (in both directions). This is approximately 50 metres of track if in the leading tram from the Hauptbahnhof.


Undated timetables here. A map including buses dated 1 August 2022 here.

Auf dem Sand - to Sudharz-Gallerie or from Atrium Passage

The west to south single track curve between these stops is only used by Wiedigsburghalle Depot journeys to/from the Hauptbahnhof.

  • Route 1 or 10 from Wiedigsburghalle Depot departing Auf dem Sand at 04:46, 05:14, 06:31 SSuX, 05:17 & 05:46 SSuO
  • or from the Hauptbahnhof departing Atrium Passage to Wiedigsburghalle Depot at 20:26 SSuX, 21:26 Daily

Nürnberg: VAG

This city has an unusual operating practice as inbound Depot services are only shown on timetables as short journeys to the last stop on line of route. There both stop screens and tram destinations are changed to show them as route "D" to Frankenstraße although timings for these journeys are listed in the Journey planner. Outbound from Frankenstraße to line of route are also shown in the journey planner as route D's. Route Timetables are not easy to locate on the VAG website so as at November 2022 they could be found here and a route map as at December 2021 here.

Hauptbahnhof via Widhalmstraße to Schweiggerstraße

This alternative section normally has no service but due to long-term closure of the normal route via Schleurlstraße is in use by routes 7 and 8 from at least Summer 2022 until some time in 2023

Brehmstraße south to east & Christuskirch west to south

  • Route D departures from Brahmstraße to Frankenstraße at 18:21/31 SSuX, 20:36/38 & 00:45, 01:05 Daily
  • Route D departures from Frankenstraße to Brahmstraße at 04:29/49, 06:16/26/36, 11:36/46 SSuX, 04:50 SO, 08:48 SuO

Christuskirch west to south

  • Route D departures from Landgrabenstraße to Frankenstraße at 08:29/39/49/59, 17:29/39/49, 19:27/48, 20:08, 00:38/58, 01:18 SSuX, 20:27/48, 21:08 SO, 00:38/58, 01:18 SSuO
  • Route D departures from Frankenstraße to Am Wegfeld at 04:24/34/54, 05:14, 06:00/10/20, 11:20/30/40 SSuX, 04:24/42, 05:02 SSuO

Schweiggerstraße south to west

  • Route 7/D departures from Wodanstraße to Frankenstraße at 20:55 SX, 00:41 Daily
  • Route D departures from Schweiggerstraße west to Tristanstraße at 05:15 SSuX, 08:55 SO, 09:09 SuO

Schweiggerstraße north to west

  • Route 8/D departures from Scheurlstraße to Frankenstraße at 08:01 SSuX, 20:33/53, 00:54, 01:14 Daily
  • Route D departures from Nürnberg Hummelsteiner Weg to Erlenstegen at 04:34, 05:01/21 SSuX, 04:34/54, 08:41 So, 04:35/55 SuO

Rathenauplatz - Rennweg - Friedrich Ebert Platz (part of former route 9)

  • 2019 timings for Route 15 Historische Burgringlinie "Oldtimer" tram, which operates SSuO of the first weekend of each month except January. See the Timetable.

Plauen: PSB

Advertised journeys in timetable dated 1 November 2022 with PDFs available here. June 2022 Route map here

Note no route runs much after 20.00 any night of the week when they are replaced by buses.


The main route intersection in the town centre with platforms on all three sides of a triangle. All sides are double track but [with very few exceptions] the south to west curve is only scheduled westbound by route 3, and west to north curve northbound by route 1 as all trams change route at Neundorf. A route change also occurs at Preißelpöhl and Waldfrieden so it is possible to travel three complete routes on one tram without leaving your seat...

Neue Elsterbrücke west to east

The main Neue Elsterbrücke stop is north of the triangle junction, but as the Depot is situated on a short branch off the line towards Südvorstadt at Betriebshof Wiesenstraße, and the Reusa and Waldfrieden timetables show timings coming on or off those routes at Neue Elsterbrücke, they must use the stops west of the junction. As a consequence, this unusual curve is used at the start and end of service.

Potsdam: SWP

Advertised journeys in various dates PDFs are available here and a route map dated 12 October 2023 including buses here. Note with the schooldays entries listed below they are also non-runners during pre-announced periods, for example "Autumn holidays" from 23 October to 3 November 2023 as shown here.

Platz der Einheit West/Nord street loop

Double track north/south and east/west routes meet at junctions south and north of Platz der Einheit West, and this single track anti-clockwise street loop allows reversals as it has triangles at its south and west junctions.

Despite the 12 October 2023 map not showing this street loop, the posted PDF and journey planner confirms it is still in use by route 99 every 20 minutes from Burgstr./Klinikum between 07:03 and 18:43 SSuX by trams terminating at Platz der Einheit/Nord. These use the east to north and east to south curves on/off this street loop. Outside these times the route is extended to Potsdam Hbf [see below entry].

West to north curve onto the Platz der Einheit/Nord street loop from stop Platz der Einheit/Bildungsforum

  • Route 91 at 04:38, 04:58 daily, 08:04 SSuX 06:39, 06:59 SuO
  • Route 93 at 05:09, 06:54 SSuX
  • Route 96 at 05:59 SSuX, 05:33 SSuO Daily, 20:24, 20:44 SSuX
  • Route 98 at 06:43 SSuX

Platz der Einheit/Nord east to north

  • Route 94 to Bhf Pirschheide at 13:19 schooldays only

Eduard-Claudius-Str./Heinrich-Mann-Allee - south to east curve - Magnus-Zeller-Platz

Route 98 at 08:12 from Bhf Rehbrücke SSuX Schooldays only to Bisamkiez and
Route 91 at 00:58 from Bhf Rehbrücke daily to Bisamkiez must use this curve.

Glienicker Brücke

Route 93 takes the west to south curve to terminate in the stub of a triangle, then reverses 350m out of service via the south to east curve to the departure stop. As at September 2023 the last departure was 21:00 daily.

Schloss Charlottenhof street loop departures

Route 91 splits to/from Bhf Pirschheide with outbound services running via Schloss Charlottenhof. Routes 94 and 98 terminate at Schloss Charlottenhof so return via a north to east curve to the eastbound line of route but there is no service after 19:26 Daily.

Potsdam Hauptbahnhof

The terminating stub on a different alignment from the new through lines adjacent to the main station building entrance had closed by July 2022. A new loop with triangles allowing access from both directions has been built between the stub and the through tracks and is scheduled only for arrivals from the north from Lange Brücke. Please check the timetables as daytime use significantly varies if it is a schoolday or holiday period, in addition to regular use by route 99 after 19:07 SSuX.

From observation trams after arrival go out of service to layover further round the loop before recommencing in service from the main Hbf stop.

Rostock: RSAG

Advertised journeys in applicable timetable as at January 2024

West to North at Doberaner Platz

  • Depot runs from Neuer Friedhof as Route E to Hans-Schütz-Straße departing Saarplatz at: 18:51 SSuX on route 3 or 19:06 SSuX, 23:47, 00:17 Daily on route 6.

Saarbrücken: Saarbahn GmbH

No Obscure workings are known. Please notify the Compilers if any are observed.

Schwerin: NVS

Advertised journeys in timetable dated 1 March 2013

S to W Haselholz - Stauffenbergstraße

  • Route 3 SSuX 05:55 to 08:20 and 13:55 to 17:20 plus odd early Depot runs on other routes from Haselholz to Hegelstraße.

Am Schloßgarten

  • Services may be diverted via a triangle junction just south of Platz der Jugend to serve a stop nearer the castle situated on a figure of eight loop during special events, summer weekends, public holidays etc.

Stuttgart: VVS

Advertised journeys in timetable dated 10 December 2017 as at September 2018

Metre Gauge Tours

Following conversion of all passengers services to Broad gauge, some dual gauge tracks were left in situ. The Tram Museum website shows timings for three tours each Sunday starting from the Tram Museum in Bad Cannstatt which would at the very least travel unusual lines from the Depot to the NeckarPark (Stadion) branch, the U11 east to south curve, the south to west curve at Lowentor and the turning circle at Ruhbank (Fernsehturm). Reports of the route taken would be appreciated by the Compilers.

NeckarPark (Stadion)

  • NeckarPark (Stadion) is served by a branch off routes U1/U2 and U14 between Stuttgart city centre and Bad Cannstatt. Trams previously ran only in connection with football matches and other Stadium events but from 10 December 2017 route U19 runs regularly. This runs from Neugereut via Bad Cannstatt onto the branch via the north curve between approximately 06:50 and 19:30 SSuX. The U11 via the south curve from the city centre still only runs in connection with Stadium events.

Weinsteige - Waldau Curve

  • Route U8 only runs Monday to Friday except for odd journeys departing Weinsteige on Saturdays at 04:14, 04:44, 06:11, 06:17, 06:39, 06:49, 07:19, 09:09, 09:46 & 09:55, Sundays at 04:14, 04:44, 06:59, 07:12, 07:42, 07:47, 07:52, 08:23, 10:50 & 11.04 or from Waldau on Saturdays at 20:51, Sundays at 00:21, 00:41, 00:43, 00:51, 00:59, 01:11, 01:19, 18:20 & 18:23. Note this curve has an underground flying junction at the Waldau end.

Ruhbank (Fernsehturm): Connection from high level (U15) platforms to the Heumaden line

  • At Ruhbank (Fernsehturm) there are separate platforms used by lines U7 & U8 (low level) and by line U15 (high level). Most U15 trams terminate and start at Ruhbank (Fernsehturm), but a few run through to and from Heumaden. These use a connection from the high level platforms to the U7/U8 “main line”.

As at September 2018 U15 journeys to Heumaden departed Ruhbank (Fernsehturm): Schooldays every ten minutes 06:51 to 07:51 and 15:51 to 18:11, Daily at 20:31, 00:21 & 00:36 plus Sundays only 18:01

U15 journeys from Heumaden depart Silberwald: Schooldays 04:46, 05:01, 05:16 and every ten minutes 06:48 to 07:58 and 15:58 to 18:18; Mondays to Fridays during school holidays 04:46, 05:01, 05:16 and 06:48 plus on Saturdays at 06:31, 07:01, 10:18; Sundays and public holidays 07:31, 08:01, 11:18

Waldfriedhof Funicular

Near to Südheimer Platz U-Bahn station, this only operates between 09:10 and 17:30 daily as route 20 and is included in VVS Stuttgart ticketing

Ulm: SWU

Line 2 opened on 9 December 2018.

Timetables are available as PDF downloads at - the current schedules are from 12 December 2021.

Curve west of Ehinger Tor: Martin-Luther-Kirche - Blücherstraße

This curve allows trams to run directly between the depot, just west of Theodor-Heuss-Platz on Line 1, and the western terminus of Line 2 at Kuhberg Schulzentrum.

They can be found in the Line 1 timetable (link above) by looking for services with timings only at Blücherstraße and Theodor-Heuss-Platz with headnote '2'; or in the Line 2 timetable by looking for services with timings only between Kuhberg Schulzentrum and Martin-Luther-Kirche. They run at different times on different days of the week.

Würzburg: VVM

Advertised journeys in timetable booklet dated 14 September 2021. A tram network map dated 8 December 2022 is here.

Juliuspromenade West to South

  • Route 4 between 06.00 to 19.30 SSuX; at all other times services double run to, and via a complete anti-clockwise loop at the Hauptbahnhof calling at Juliuspromenade in both directions.

Madrider Ring North to East & East to South

  • The north to east curve is used between 05.30 and 20.00 SSuX, at other times route 5 is diverted via the east to south curve to double run via the nearby route 3 loop terminus at [Heuchelhof] Athener Ring.

Zwickau: VMS

Map and timetables here dated 12 December 2021

The route to the Hauptbahnhof closed on 13 December 2019 due to track condition. Re-opening if it happens is not expected before late 2023 but with no mention of work or re-instatement to the Hbf on the VMS website and half of another route [r 3 to Eckersbach] closed for refurbishment from 22 May until 8 December 2023 this looks unlikely.

Neumarkt north to east

The curve is single track with crossovers, perhaps explaining why there are no scheduled journeys "the wrong way" and the PDFs only show use by early morning route 3 journeys from Betriebshof Schlachthofsraße to Eckersbach.

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